Google Maps will get functionality that will save you money

Google Maps continues to be the most popular and most complete navigation application, both among Android and iOS users.

Now, through a publication where they addressed their intentions to help To reduce the carbon footprint of its users, the Mountain View giant has unveiled a new feature that will soon arrive on Google Maps.

Google Maps will show which routes are more economical

To help drivers reduce their carbon footprint, Google Maps will now show directions on the most efficient routes.

Obviously, the less fuel consumed during a trip, the smaller the carbon footprint. Consequently, the less fuel your car burns, the more money you will save.

According to estimates presented by the company, by offering more efficient routes to Google Maps users, they will be able to avoid at least one million tons of carbon that goes into the air every year.

If these estimates are true, it is the equivalent of sensibly taking off the roads 292 thousand cars and trucks.

Google Maps poupar dinheiro

As has become customary with the implementation of new features, users in the United States will have early access (starting today). Users in Europe, however, should start receiving the new functionality from next year.

For now, Google has not revealed details on how they calculate the degree of efficiency of each route, but they probably have in consideration of topographical information, such as the slope levels of each road. In addition, they should also consider the average levels of congestion, as well as the presence of traffic signs that may result in constant immobilization of the vehicle.

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