Google Pixel 6 could be more affordable than Pixel 5

Google should launch on the market its new pair of top-of-the-range smartphones Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro already in October and the last few weeks have been rich in leaks of information that will complete the list of news .

If a week ago we had access to a video hands-on of a prototype of the Google Pixel 6 Pro, this week the possibles are revealed prices for both variants.

Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro: their possible prices

Today’s information comes from precisely the same source that released the Pixel 6 Pro prototype video. The channel This is Tech Today is publishing an image that will allegedly correspond to the price list of the new Google Pixel 6 in Europe.

According to the listing, we can see the names Pixel Oriole and Raven, which will correspond to the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, respectively. These names are followed by three-digit numbers, which according to the source are prices. Thus, the Pixel “Oriole” appears in two versions, with two prices, from 549 and 630 euros. According to sources, these are the prices indicated for the versions of 128GB and 281GB of storage, respectively.

If confirmed, the base version of Pixel 6 will be more affordable than Pixel 5 when its launch, which debuted with a price of euros. This is an important point, especially considering that Pixel 5, with used a mid-range processor (Snapdragon 700G) and outdated sensors for its cameras, compared to the new smartphone, which will debut the top-of-the-range Google Tensor processor and new photo sensors.

On the other hand, Pixel 6 Pro will be represented here by the name “Raven”, which according to the listing leads us to believe that it will have a starting price of 649 euros in its base version. The price difference of 350 euros is considerable , but it’s worth remembering that the Pro version will use a Samsung E5 LTPO screen that will be bigger, superior in quality and also in resolution (Quad HD+, instead of Pixel 6’s Full HD+ resolution), will include more memory and also a third camera , namely a telephoto camera with 4x optical zoom.

As with any leak, we advise the reader to wait for official information from the manufacturer to confirm all details about the new products. If you want to check out the video that shares today’s information, you can see it in full below.

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Source: This is Tech Today

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