Google Pixel 6 Pro flew in drone and captures amazing video. Check it out here!

Google launched its new smartphones a few days ago, and they have already given a lot to talk about both positively and negatively. Now, Google Pixel 6 Pro has done something that few believed was possible.

A drone pilot decided to put Google Pixel 6 Pro on top of one of his drones and try recording a video. Contrary to what many might expect, @OriginaldoBo ended up launching the joke that the Pixel 6 Pro could be better than a GoPro for recording video on drones.

Google Pixel 6 Pro Drone

During the last few days the first in-depth reviews of Google Pixel 6 Pro started to appear and the feedback in general turned out not to be much positive, especially with regard to their cameras. The leap in quality turned out not to be as much as would be expected, and the video capture did end up disappointing many users.

However, the video recorded by Google Pixel 6 Pro on top of the drone will leave many users with jaw dropping.

Video recorded by Google Pixel 6 Pro on top of drone was a spectacle

At first glance, if no one told us that the video is recorded by a smartphone, we would probably end up thinking it was a GoPro or a camera built into the drone. The level of stability is fantastic, although it is important to emphasize that both the smartphone and the drone are doing an important job to guarantee the stability of the video.

Another detail that impressed a lot is the fact that that even when the drone flies at a higher speed, the video quality has not suffered any impact and remains extremely smooth.

One of the main criticisms regarding the videos captured by Google Pixel 6 Pro are related to its autofocus capabilities. In this case, it is difficult to evaluate the performance in this segment.

As interesting as this experiment may seem, it is important to emphasize that it was carried out by a professional drone pilot. It is not recommended that any user try to stick a smartphone on top of a drone and start flying in the street.

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