Google Play Store: 14 totally free Android apps and games

Although it’s midweek, that doesn’t mean the Google Play Store is sleeping when it comes to game and app promotions. In fact, developers with apps on the Google store continue to try everything they can to make their work stand out.

Amidst the vast millions of apps and games for Android, the offer from Google Play Store continues to grow at an alarming rate, making it increasingly difficult to find new games and apps worth installing on your smartphone. Worse still, it is increasingly difficult to find good promotions, as they end up being swallowed up by the overwhelming offer of new apps.

Here, you will be able to find a total of 2 apps, 7 games and 5 packages customization items that are totally free for a limited time.

Android 12 Google Play Store

Premium Android apps and games totally free on the Google Play Store


    Onigiri KanaKana – Hiragana Katakana

    Edge Side Bar – Swipe Apps – App Shortcuts



    Merge Number Puzzle

      20700 – Puzzle Game

    Emoji Quiz – Combine emojis to guess words

    Soul Warrior Premium: Sword and Magic

    Live or Die: Z ombie Survival Pro

    Speed ​​Math – Mini Math Games

    Customization packages

        Light Yellow – Icon Pack

      Darko5 – Icon Pack

    Proton – Icon Pack

    Xperia Theme – Fujiyama Night

  • Xperia Theme – Osaka Castle

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