Jackson White’s “Tell Me Lies” Co-Star Grace Van Patten Confirms They’re Dating!

Upon their arrival at the 2022 CFDA Awards on November 7 holding hands, the couple made quite a statement. Patten, 25 years old, donned a beautiful green dress with a side split and open-toed heels. White, 26, was with her, dressed in a grey suit and a white button-up.

Grace Van Patten Dating

grace van patten dating

At around the same time, the actor sent a cryptic message to social media, seemingly implying that he and the actress were more than just friends. White shared a series of photographs with his Instagram Story followers that resembled a photobooth strip and showed him chatting it up with his co-star. The native Californian used an emoji to obscure what might have been a kissing White and Patten in one of the photos.

Fans were first introduced to the pair earlier this year when they played on-screen lovers in the popular Hulu series. Adapted from a novel by Carola Lovering, Tell Me Lies delves into the destructive friendship between two college students, Lucy and Stephen. The show’s steamy sex scenes have gotten some people talking, but it hasn’t been enough to get it renewed for a second season.

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After the first season of “Tell Me Lies,” Many Questions Remain

grace van patten dating

In the wake of the September premiere, the Tramps star credited White with making the set a more comfortable environment for everyone. The two of us were really on the same page,” she told E! News. The sequences are quite personal, so it’s great that we were able to talk about them openly with our intimacy coordinator and feel comfortable working together.

She’s the most chill, down-to-earth, amazing girl you’ll ever meet in real life, he said. The situation is completely insane. She tops the list. A massive crush on her had developed in me. I can’t stop thinking about her because she’s so incredibly incredible.

White’s character, Stephen, and Van Patten’s character, Lucy, have a highly toxic relationship characterized by gaslighting, manipulation, and infidelity throughout their time as college students. Flashing forward several years, the Hulu drama’s first season finale revealed that Stephen had gotten engaged to Lucy’s best friend for life, Lydia (Natalee Linez).

“[Van Patten] is 25 years old, and she runs a set like she’s been doing this for f–king 30 years. She’s so consistent and grounded and f–king good at this,” White, whose mother is “Married… with Children” alum Katey Sagal, gushed on the podcast.

“I felt like I just followed her lead. … Stephen is so intense, he’s so manipulative, he’s so crazy at times that I had a hard time being that guy, and then they yell, ‘Cut!’ and then I have to be myself,” he continued. “That was really hard for me. Grace was so good at compartmentalizing the character and then herself.”

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Tell Me Lies, by Grace Van Patten and Jackson White

Let there be no doubt: White, who previously claimed to have emotions for Van Patten, and their co-stars in the Hulu series are now an item, making the dreams of many viewers of the steamy series come true.

Speaking on the podcast Not Skinny But Not Fat, he said, “I hope that happens.” This episode aired on October 25. “Together, we’ve got this. We have an insane amount of responsibilities that we share.”

Plus, as he said, “She is the f—king coolest, most grounded, fantastic person, IRL that you’ll ever meet. She was our show’s courageous leader. She’s only 25, but she manages a set like she’s had 30 years of experience. She always does a great job and never falters.”

Crush Confessions

grace van patten dating

When asked if her Tell Me Lies co-star was her crush “IRL” during an appearance on EThe !’s Rundown in October, Van Patten confessed that White was.

The answer is “yes,” Van Patten said to Erin Lim Rhodes. There has never been a bigger crush in the history of the world.

A few days later, during an interview on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast hosted by Dear Media, White confirmed that the sentiment was shared.

“I’m totally head over heels for her. It is my sincere desire. I’m hoping that we can go on a date soon. To be honest, I have no idea “As White put it. “Together, we’ve got this. There is so much work for the both of us to undertake.”

She’s the most down-to-earth, amazing person you’ll ever meet, he continued, and “f**king cool.” “It defies logic… What can I say, she’s the finest. My feelings for her were intense… Because she is so incredibly fantastic, I can’t stop thinking about her.”

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Rumors: Van Patten Responds

grace van patten dating

Talking to ET, Van Patten addressed the suspicions around her and White, as well as the success of the hit Hulu series.

“Fans should simply leave it up for intrigue, keep it fun,” she said, leaving questions unanswered. Exactly who does?

Van Patten has indicated that she has no problem with fans being curious about her life outside of work, though she has chosen not to add fuel to the conjecture.

“In fact, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. You’ll enjoy yourself. Just like every other talk about the show, it’s entertaining “her words “Besides being entertaining, it also manages to be quite interesting. Personally, I find it to be quite appealing.”

How she feels about White was discussed by Van Patten, who said at the time to ET, “It’s great that we can share in these experiences. Simply put, it’s fantastic. We’re always mingling with the actors. We are always mingling and chatting with one another.”

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Actress Grace Van Patten comes from the United States. In addition to Hulu’s miniseries Nine Perfect Strangers, she has acted in the Netflix flicks Tramps (2016) and The Meyerowitz Stories (2021). Jackson White kissed co-star Grace Van Patten in a photo strip he posted at the 2022 CFDA Awards on Monday night, confirming rumors that he and his “Tell Me Lies” costar are an item.