Graham Elliot Weight Loss: Judge for Master Chef Loses Nearly 150 Pounds Witness His Incredible Transformation!

American chef, restaurateur, and reality television star Graham Elliot Bowles was born on January 4, 1977. He was nominated for the James Beard Award three times before becoming well known in the restaurant industry. As one of Food & Wine’s “Best New Chefs” in 2004, he made history by becoming the country’s youngest chef to ever win four stars from a prestigious journal (Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times).

Graham Elliot Weight Loss

In a recent photo shared on Twitter, celebrity chef Graham Elliot displays his impressive weight loss of over 100 pounds since having surgery in July.

graham elliot weight loss

The “MasterChef” judge informed his followers by sharing a photo of the before and after. “From 396 pounds, she is now 268 pounds. We appreciate your support, everyone “On Wednesday, he posted a message on Twitter. After finishing his first-ever 5K run, Elliot, 36, also shared images on social media.

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Along with his wife Allie, the well-known chef completed the Ditka Dash in 34:49 while sporting a false mustache in Mike Ditka’s honor, the adored former coach of the Chicago Bears.

graham elliot weight loss

He told People, “I have been jogging and working up to 3 miles since the summer.” Crossing the finish line left me with a fantastic sense of satisfaction.

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Elliot has shed roughly 128 pounds and changed his lifestyle since undergoing a sleeve gastrectomy, which involves the removal of 80% of a patient’s stomach to produce a small, banana-sized stomach.

graham elliot weight loss

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With the assistance of his fellow “MasterChef” judges and ardent marathon runners Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich, he stated that he hopes to run the Chicago marathon the following year.


As one of Food & Wine’s “Best New Chefs” in 2004, Elliot made history by becoming the youngest American chef to receive four stars from a major publication (Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times) before the age of 30. He earned a spot on Crain’s Chicago Business’ list of “40 Under Forty” alongside President Barack Obama, for whom Elliot prepared a meal on the latter’s 49th birthday, and became the youngest four-star chef in any city at the age of 27. He launched his own eatery, which was Chicago’s first French casual fine dining establishment, in May 2008.

On the TV program Top Chef Masters in 2009, Elliot made an appearance. He participated in the program by preparing meals for The Heart and Stroke Foundation, an organization he started supporting after learning that his nephew required a heart transplant. Elliot served as one of the three judges on the first episode of the TV show MasterChef in 2010.

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Elliot appeared as a judge on MasterChef Junior, a kid-friendly adaptation of the series that debuted in 2013. Following the conclusion of season 6 of the parent show, he exited the brand in September 2015. He started judging Top Chef in 2016.