Graphics card price continues to rise in Europe

Anyone looking for new graphics cards or just looking to replace a broken GPU knows that we live in very complicated times when it comes to purchasing one of these crucial PC components.

lives today was motivated by the pandemic crisis that led to problems in the production of semiconductors absolutely necessary for the manufacture of graphics cards, but it also originates in the cryptocurrency mining that uses this tool to carry out its proposal. The one who loses in the middle of all this is the video game aficionado, even more so if your preference is to play on the PC.

According to a recent report, graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia continue to rise. peak on the European continent, with the worst scenarios taking place in Germany and Austria. Nvidia’s GPUs rose on average 100% in compared to its recommended price, while the rival brand’s offers increased 438% relative to the amount with which they were advertised.

AMD and Nvidia are having serious problems manufacturing graphics cards

Placas GráficasPlacas Gráficas

The report also mentions that the graphics card that has seen the biggest price rise in recent months is AMD Radeon 6800, released in October last year. Only in the month in which he celebrated his first birthday, the price of this model went up 50%. As far as Nvidia GPUs are concerned, the “champion” of price increases is the RTX 12600, with a increase of 30%.

Although the month of November is still taking its first steps, it seems that the trend is rising even with another Black Friday almost at the door. In short, it seems that those desperately looking for a graphics card will have to deal with this scenario at least until the end of the year.

Next year should start to show some signs of price stabilization, but only more for the summer. Until then, both AMD and Nvidia officials have admitted that it will be difficult to re-establish standard production graphics cards and satisfy current demand.

via: Tom’s Hardware

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