Greenleaf Season 6: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and More Information.

greenleaf season 6

Season 6 of the American mystery drama series Greenleaf has just aired. It’s all about the family. An attempt is made by the family members in this series to portray an ideal family. They go to great lengths to keep their dirty little secrets and outright lies from the congregation at their Memphis megachurch.

Because of the unexpected return of their estranged daughter, Grace Greenleaf, the series’ central characters, Lady Mae (Whitfield) and Bishop James Greenleaf (David), find their lives in disarray. The return of their other daughter, who died mysteriously, comes 20 years later.

There was a first-run airing of this drama on June 21st, 2016. Many viewers were captivated by the show’s ability to shed light on pressing issues facing today’s society, particularly the hypocrisy of church leaders, as well as the rich cast of characters and stunning production design. The result was that it received positive reviews from critics. In the course of time, this series has seen a rise in its popularity. In addition to winning a Gracie Award and two NAACP Image Awards, it has gained a large following.

Greenleaf Season 6 Plot

greenleaf season 6

The Twitter account Greenleaf OWN announced on May 19th, 2020, that a spin-off would be coming soon. I’ve included a link to the tweet so that you can read it. What can we expect from the spin-plot? off’s Whitfield’s character and her new position as senior pastor will be explored in the spin-off of this mystery drama.
Season 5 of Greenleaf left no wiggle room, so this will be a completely new season. “I think Lady Mae’s new role as pastor of this church or another church is going to be tentpole of whatever we do next,” writer Craig Wright said in an interview with TVLine. It made me even more excited about the spin-off” when I saw her preach.

When you hear Lady Mae talk about how to love the past enough to let it go and to look forward, it’s just so exciting to do another chapter in the story for me,” he explained. I’ve always considered her one of my most important collaborators in determining the show’s identity.”

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Greenleaf Season 6 Cast

The Greenleaf show employs a number of long-term employees. The audience is eagerly anticipating their appearance on this storied program. Now that the show has wrapped up its five seasons, producers hope to bring it back for a sixth season. If you haven’t seen the show, certain actors will pique your interest and reassure you that it is well worth your time and money to watch it. Let’s take a look at it, shall we?

  • Desiree Rose as Sophia  Desiree Ross is a US actress. This Oprah Winfrey Network drama series is starring her as Sophia Greenleaf.
  • Merle Dandridge as Grace   Actress and singer Merle Dandridge is an American. In addition to her roles in Broadway shows like Jesus Christ Superstar and Spamalot, she has appeared in films like Once on This Island and Rent.
  • Lamman Rucker plays for Jacob
  • Kim Hawthorne’s role as Kerissa
  • Keith David as Bishop James
  • Lynn Whitfield as Lady Mae
  • Rick Fox as Darius Nash

greenleaf season 6

Greenleaf Season 6 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

Instead of the usual 10 or more episodes, the fifth season of “Greenleaf” aired eight hour-long episodes instead of the usual 10 or more There was an hour-long special following the series finale that featured interviews with the main cast members and featured behind-the-scenes footage shot during filming. On OWN, you can catch up on all of the episodes.

Here’s what we know so far about whether or not there will be a third season. When Deadline reported on May 3, 2020, that the fifth season of the drama series would be it’s last, the network confirmed it. As the show’s patriarch Bishop James Greenleaf recently posted on his Instagram, Keith David, who plays him, expressed his gratitude and love for the show’s entire ensemble.

Keeping healthy, growing, professional, and personal relationships while portraying a dysfunctional family is “a rare situation,” he wrote. To experience the uniqueness of each relationship, I seized every opportunity.” My life has been enriched in ways that words can’t begin to describe thanks to all these beautiful actors. “I love them all.”


As the pastor of Jacob Greenleaf, actor Lamman Rucker shared a heartfelt goodbye to his Instagram followers. This is the real GREENLEAF FAMILY!!! “, he wrote in the caption. You’ll be missed! Do not neglect us! As long as we are here, we will be a part of your lives and you will never let us go. Nothing can ever take that away from us!!!”

Despite the fact that the series finale neatly wraps things up, it is sad to say goodbye to the wonderful characters that we have grown to love over the course of the series. Although it is painful to admit, ‘Greenleaf’ Season 6 has been canceled. It’s good news for fans, however, that a teaser for an untitled spin-off was posted on Twitter by the network in May 2020. It’s worth a look!

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During the development of the parent series, Craig Wright and Oprah Winfrey discussed the possibility of a spin-off. The offshoot series’ title and central premise remain a mystery as of this writing. Fans, on the other hand, can take heart in the knowledge that they won’t have to wait long to see their favorite characters once more. You can always watch reruns of your favorite show until further notice.

Greenleaf Season 6  Trailer

You can still catch reruns of your favorite shows while waiting for the big screen return of your most beloved characters. To whet your appetite for what’s to come in Greenleaf’s fifth season, here’s a sneak peek:



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