Gregg Popovich Net Worth: “All Time Coaching Winner” Has Massive Fortune!

The net worth of American professional basketball coach Gregg Popovich is $40 million. Gregg Popovich, dubbed “Coach pop” or simply “Pop,” has become one of the NBA’s all-time winningest head coaches.

In addition to being one of the best NBA coaches ever, he has won five championships with the San Antonio Spurs. Five other NBA coaches have also won at least five championships, making him part of an elite club. Before Popovich took over the San Antonio Spurs in 1996, the franchise was winless.

Popovich has the most wins of any NBA coach in history as of the year 2020. More than any other coach in the history of American professional sports, he has spent more time at the helm of a team than any other individual.

Early Life

Gregg Popovich was born on January 28, 1949, in East Chicago, Indiana. Gregg was raised by a Croatian mother and a Serbian father, both of whom pushed him to take up basketball at an early age. He was a member of the 1960 Biddy Basketball All-Star team that finished in third place at the World Championships.

gregg popovich net worth

Popovich went on to study at the US Air Force Academy after finishing high school. While he was there, he captained the school basketball team and scored the most points of anyone.

After completing his undergraduate degree in Soviet Studies in 1970, he enlisted in the Air Force and went through intelligence training.

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There was a time when he was almost recruited by the CIA. Gregg Popovich served for five years in the United States Air Force, touring with the Armed Forces Basketball team throughout Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.

Popovich was invited to try out for the United States Olympic Basketball Team in 1972 thanks to his play on the US Armed Forces team.


Popovich began his coaching career in 1973 as an assistant coach for the United States Armed Forces Basketball Team. Popovich also pursued graduate studies in physical education at the University of Denver during this time. Popovich coached college basketball at Pomona-Pitzer beginning in 1979.

Over the next nine years, Popovich refined his coaching style at the school, leading to the program’s first championship. Popovich took a year off in the middle of this time to work under Larry Brown, the head coach at the University of Kansas.

gregg popovich net worth

It was in 1988 that Popovich began working as an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs. From 1987 until 1992, he was employed by his former mentor Larry Brown. The Golden State Warriors hired Popovich as an assistant coach after he left their staff.

But in 1994, Gregg Popovich returned to the Spurs — this time as general manager and vice president of basketball operations rather than a coach. Thus, Popovich was able to sign and trade for a number of players.

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Former player Dennis Rodman has departed, while newcomer Avery Johnson has been added to the roster. Popovich replaced Bob Hill as a head coach himself in 1996.

The Spurs had a slow first season, but after signing Tim Duncan, they went on to win their first championship in 1999. With the Spurs, he went on to win four more championships. Popovich has been recognized as the best coach on multiple occasions.

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Popovich Receives an Annual Salary of $8 Million as The Head Coach of The San Antonio Spurs. Some Estimates Have Popovich’s New Salary Placing Him in The Top Five Highest-Paid Sports Coaches in The World.

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Gregg Popovich’s Activism Has Made Him a Household Name, Both for His Strong Opinions on Politics and His Hands-On Approach to Addressing Social Problems. He Now Backs Many Social Justice Causes, Including the Women’s March. He Is Very Generous with His Time and Money, Supporting Organisations Like the San Antonio Food Bank and The Innocence Project, Which Uses DNA Testing to Exonerate Wrongfully Convicted Criminals.

Popovich Has Also Made Headlines for His Humanitarian Work After Natural Disasters. Gregg Popovich Donated to Shoes That Fit, an Organisation that Provided New Footwear to Children in Need in The Wake of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Popovich Has Joined Forces with The Relief Group J/p Hro to Help Those Affected by The Recent Hurricanes that Swept Through Haiti and The Caribbean.

More than That, Gregg Popovich Has Long Been an Outspoken Critic of President Donald Trump.


Gregg Popovich announced in 2018 that his wife of many years, Erin, had passed away. The circumstances of her death were never discussed. They raised two kids during their time together.

gregg popovich net worth

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Real Estate

Gregg Spent $1.47 Million on A San Francisco Condo in 2002. the Presidio Heights Residence Is 1,950 Square Feet and Has a Fireplace, Balcony, and Large Windows with A Breathtaking Panorama of The City. It Was Rumoured that Popovich Listed the Home for $2.675 Million in 2020.

Gregg and His Wife Moved Into a House in San Antonio that Was Built in 1999 in 2005. the Custom-Built Home Has 9,640 Square Feet of Space, and It’s Found in The Secure Neighbourhood of Vineyard Estates. Some of The Features Include a Large, Vanishing-Edge Pool on The Property’s 2.2 Acres of Outdoor Space and A Wine Cellar in The Home’s 600 Square Feet of Space that Can Hold More than 3,000 Bottles.

Popovich Struggled to Make a Sale Despite the Property’s Obvious Appeal. He Tried to Sell the House for .

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5 Million at First, but After a Year on The Market without Success, He Reduced the Price to .

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5 Million.

Popovich and His Wife Were Said to Have Purchased a Large Parcel of Undeveloped Land in 2007. He Reportedly Shelled out $795,000 for 47 Acres in Vermont’s Pownal Region. Popovich’s Plans for the property, which at the time consisted of nothing but a single barn, were unclear.

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