Guide 2022: Learn How to Fake Location on Facebook and Messenger

Facebook application is a platform where you can make online friends and chat with them via Messenger. These social application helps you know people, find their interests, and all the photos they upload on their Facebook. You can follow famous people on Facebook or become inclusive with the community with hundreds and thousands of followers.

However, like any other social application, Facebook and Messenger have their cons. If used poorly, it can indulge you in unfavorable stuff like harassment, threats, etc. So, if you want to secure your Facebook and Messenger profile, you can fake your virtual location and stay anonymous. To guide you more on this, this article has explained the below aspects:

Part 1: Why Need to Fake your Location on your Facebook or Messenger?

There are different reasons why people like to spoof location iPhone or Android. It can be a funny and light reason or a serious reason why someone cannot share their actual location. Here, we will provide some common reasons to look into if you want to fake your location on Facebook or Messenger:

To Have Fun Around your Friends: If you want to play a joke on your friends, this way will help you prank them. You can change your Facebook location to any vacation spot outside the country. Tell them that you are on a vacation tour these days and if they don’t believe you, show them your fake location on your Facebook/Messenger.

To Avoid Threats: Cyberbullying/threats can create worse situations for you if you don’t pay attention to the small bullying events happening to you. If someone threatens you online, you can prevent them from tracking your location through the fake location. By faking the location on Facebook or Messenger, you will feel safe while keeping your anonymity intact.

To Hide your Address from Online People: If you are a famous person with a following on Facebook, you might need some privacy in your private life. Avoid having unknown visitors on your place who are following you on Facebook by hiding your Facebook location. This way, your personal life will not be affected, and you could have fun with your online friends’ side by side.

For Nearby Friends Feature: Facebook offers a Nearby Friends feature which is a great way to get to know nearby people in a specific area. You can make new online friends or find a specific person’s Profile ID on Facebook via his address. Moreover, this way, you can keep your details anonymous while having the whereabouts of your friends anonymously.

Part 2: Efficient Facebook and Messenger Virtual Location Tool for Android & iOS

If you dream of changing your virtual location on Facebook and Messenger, Dr.Fone – Virtual Location will help you achieve your dreams. With this application, you can teleport the GPS location of your Facebook/Messenger with one single click. This virtual location app offers a One-Stop Route with which you can set a start and end location on the map. Then, your fake route will be generated, and the GPS will follow that route on the map.

The Multi-Stop Route helps the user plan a complete route with multiple spots. The application will automatically generate a route along the various spots, and the GPS will move along the route. The Jump Teleport mode works similarly to its name, as the GPS makes teleport jumps between multiple points on the map. You can also choose all your favorite locations and routes and create a favorite list for one-click access.

Part 3: Instructions to Fake your Facebook and Messenger Location Instantly

We have enlisted why you would like to change your Facebook location virtually and introduced a location changer tool for Facebook/Messenger. Now, we will give a step-by-step guide on how to fake your Facebook and Messenger location instantly via Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (Android/iOS).

Step 1: Download Dr.Fone – Virtual Location

To initiate the procedure, you need to download the Dr.Fone application on your system. Now, install and launch the tool to fake your Facebook and Messenger location.

Step 2: Select Virtual Location Tool

You will find many options on the home tab, including “Virtual Location.” Select it and connect your Android or iOS device with the computer. Following this, click the “Get Started” button to start the actual work.

Step 3: Center On your Current Location

Following this, Dr.Fone’s map will appear on your screen, where you can see your current location. If you can’t find the location, click the “Center On” icon from the top right sidebar to make your location obvious.

Step 4: Activate the Teleport Mode

Now, click on the 1st icon in the upper-right corner to activate the Teleport Mode. Enter the place in the upper-left field where you want to teleport to. Now, press the “Go” icon. When the system recognizes the desired location, press “Move Here” in the popup box.

Step 5: Facebook/Messenger Location Changed

After completing these steps, your virtual location on Facebook and Messenger will be changed. The Android or iOS device will show the virtual location you entered on the Dr.Fone Virtual Location tool.


This article concludes why changing the Facebook and Messenger locations is necessary and how it helps maintain your privacy. Moreover, you also become safe from all kinds of harassment or spoofing. It enables you to stay anonymous while receiving information about people online. To help you achieve anonymity, this article also introduces Dr.Fone – Virtual Location for Android/iOS devices. You can utilize the application’s Virtual Locat