Hamida Sozahdah Plastic Surgery: Debunking Myths About Hulu’s “Secrets and Sisterhood” Star Face!!

A reality show called Secrets & Sisterhood: The Sozahdahs chronicles the struggles of ten American Muslim sisters as they navigate their separate lives in Los Angeles. The Real Housewives and The Kardashians are examples of reality programs that the program resembles.

Additionally, the cameras accompany the Sozahdah sisters as they deal with common problems, adapt to the lifestyle and cultural differences, and explore love while also working to succeed in their respective fields of employment. 

Fans are interested in finding out more about the ten sisters because they are all fresh to reality television. Hamida Sojahdah, the youngest of the Sojahdah siblings, is 32 years old, has a master’s in psychology, and is certified in behavioral treatment. 

The curiosity in the reality star has grown, and everyone is starting to wonder whether her stunning look is the consequence of plastic surgery. On the internet, people are looking for information on Hamida’s potential plastic surgery. So let’s review what we covered.

Did Hamida Sozahdah Receive Plastic Surgeries?

hamida sozahdah plastic surgery

Hamida Sozahdah has caught the attention of her followers with her stunning face, which has everyone wondering if it is the result of plastic surgery. Her newfound fame means that she will inevitably have to deal with the media and paparazzi. 

Her plastic surgery has become a hot issue among fans and in the entertainment business. Hamida’s appearance suggests that she likely underwent cosmetic surgery to enhance it. She may have had her lip done to improve the outcome. 

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People mistakenly think she had lip implants due to her lips’ fullness and thickness. The youngest Soazahdah sibling may still be in her thirties, but it appears like she has undergone Botox treatment. 

We all know that aging celebrities who desire to reverse the effects of aging frequently use the Botox procedure. It’s possible that Hamida takes Botox injections because she’s terrified of developing wrinkles and fine lines. 

Her face doesn’t appear to have any fine lines or wrinkles. The new reality star may also have had a breast implant to enlarge and round out her boobs. She is sometimes viewed as being too young for breast augmentation, despite the fact that American celebrities frequently get this treatment. 

After the procedure, Hamida looks more seductive, and it seems that plastic surgery produces the best effects for her.

On the other side, we are unable to compare her before and after shots because she hasn’t uploaded any images from her early years. The previously provided information is just rumors since Hamida Sozahdah has never confirmed nor rejected the rumors of plastic surgery.

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Hamida Sozahdah: Who Is She?

hamida sozahdah plastic surgery

Hamida, who was born on March 20th, 1991, is the youngest of the Sozahdah family’s 10 sisters. The ten sisters were raised in the US by the family, which is of Egyptian and Afghani descent.

Hamida is certified in behavioral therapy and holds a master’s degree in psychology. The youngest of the ten children is now able to work as a therapist thanks to this. Hamida has brilliantly concentrated her efforts on working with children with exceptional needs, particularly children who are on the autism spectrum.

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Hamida has been employed with the 21st Century Health Service and is situated in Glendale, California. She formerly worked for Drip Doctors, the business her older sister and she co-founded.

Hamida loves to travel and has managed to master four languages, speaking them fluently, as if her professional credentials weren’t enough.

However, the oldest siblings were born in Afghanistan, while the older sisters were born in America, so there is frequent tension in the family due to their contrasting worldviews on issues like religion. The American-born sisters call themselves “The Wolfpack,” and in one reality show episode, the entire group gets inked.