Hand Grabbing Post: What Is the Hand Grabbing Post Discord Meme on Tik Tok? Explained Here!

Social media and memes are both forms of online content created to foster interaction amongst users. The goal of memes is to disseminate a culturally relevant idea, while the purpose of social media is to facilitate dialogue about said topic.

An image or video that effectively captures the collective mindset and feeling of its viewers is called a meme. In most cases, the content of a meme is an image with a clever caption.

New internet memes pop up every day, but the ones that end up going viral tend to be the ones that have been around for a while.

Memes like “Exit 12,” “Sad Keanu,” and “Distracted Boyfriend” have cemented their place in pop culture history. Another example is the comeback of the “Hand Grabbing” Discord post meme that started trending again in February of 2022.

What Is Hand Grabbing Post?

Hand Grabbing Post

As the name suggests, the Hand Grasping Discord Post meme features a hand grasping a Discord post.

If you’re unfamiliar with Discord, it’s an online chat platform where people can find “servers” filled with people who share their interests.

Public posts on Discord can include everything from audio and video calls to text and image messages to private conversations and more.

The meme “Hand Grabbing Discord Post” depicts a huge hand tightly clutching a message board post. It’s a blank meme generator for when you need a starting point for your own clever wording.

Why Do the Users of Tiktok Adore the Thanos Version?

Hand Grabbing Post

No one knows for sure where the meme first appeared online, although many attribute its longevity to an anonymous Discord user.

In February of 2022, two things—TikTok and Thanos—are dominating social media, and their combined name is “I caught a Discord.”

Permit me to elaborate. Another iteration of the meme depicts Thanos’ purple hand, rather than a human hand, holding the Discord post.

TikTok has been taken over by a meme, so it’s clear that users enjoy the Marvel character. TikTok has the highest rate of growth among all social media platforms at the moment.

And therefore, whomever or whatever controls TikTok eventually rules the globe.

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How Can I Make Hand Grabbing Post?

Hand Grabbing Post

If you want to get in on the fun and make your own version of the Hand Grabbing Discord Post fad that has just taken across TikTok, you’ll need to find a template.

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You may get a variety of meme templates, including the classic, Thanos, and red background styles, here.

When you’re ready, you may save the design and then snap a snapshot of the tweet or Discord message that the hand will be holding.

Next, use a photo editor to merge the two images. A Discord Post meme of you grabbing hands was made especially for you.

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Why Are People so Enthusiastic About It?

Hand Grabbing Post

The Marvel superhero is clearly a hit since the related meme has completely taken over the video-sharing platform TikTok.

The popularity of TikTok has made it the most rapidly expanding social media platform today. Therefore, when something dominates TikTok, it quickly becomes ubiquitous online.

Also, that’s basically how this meme works too. It’s quite amusing, and a growing number of people are joining the bandwagon.

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