Harley Quinn Season 3: Expected Release Date & Updates!

‘Harley Quinn’ is an adult-oriented, LGBTQ-friendly animated superhero series created by Paul Dini & Bruce Timm, Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker, and Dean Lorey, the creators of the DC Comics character Harley Quinn.

The majority of the plot centers on the titular DC villain’s post-Joker romance with Poison Ivy.

Following a popular outcry and critical praise, the DC Universe original series generated two seasons after its premiere in November 2019.

Critics commended the picture for its dark humor, vivid animation, and sincere voice acting. After the liberating conclusion of the second season, the show’s future may be called into doubt. So, without further ado, let’s get down to business.

Harley Quinn Season 3 Release Date

Nobody knows what’s going on, not even the people in charge of preparing Harley Quinn season 3.

Harley Quinn Season 3 is expected as released on 25, October 2022.

Harley Quinn, on the other hand, will be shown exclusively on HBO Max. According to Deadline, the show will not be returning to DC Universe. At that service, there has been a trend away from the original material.

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Harley Quinn Season 3 Plot

In line with the show’s general tone, the second season finale is both joyful and destructive. It all begins with Poison Ivy and Kite Man’s marriage vows.

Commissioner Gordon is irritated by the lack of focus on him. Gordon is reminded that the who’s who of Gotham’s criminal society will be in attendance when Two-Face spills the beans about Poison Ivy’s wedding.

Gordon intends to use his ragtag police squad to apprehend the evil guys. Harley Quinn, who is still in Arkham, is alerted to the situation by Two-Face, and she rushes to save her lover.

Harley can put Gordon off, but it requires a full-fledged fight following a botched attempt. Kite Man leaves Ivy, who has departed the location with Harley. Ivy finally reciprocates Harley’s feelings and the two kiss.

Because of the intriguing cliffhanger, the third season’s journey will be more challenging. We have little doubt that Harley and Ivy have had their fair share of controversial relationships. In the case of Kite Man, he was also more actively involved in the engagement than Ivy.

The third season will have to address this problem since it is unclear how two people who have been mistreated in relationships can show real love for one another. This season, Ivy’s past will be examined in more depth.

Despite the fact that the showrunners have teased Kite Man’s reappearance in the third season, Ivy is unlikely to see him again. As Harley pulls out Bane’s poison veins in season two, it’s terrifying to see, but the show’s makers have no intentions to kill him anytime soon.

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Halpern said, “We’ll murder nearly any character that isn’t Harley or Ivy, but we’ll never kill Bane.” Thanks to a number of LGBTQ+ writers, the season’s cast will be more diverse.

Harley Quinn Season 3 Trailer

Check out the season 3 teaser here: