Hasselblad marks 80 years of camera innovation with birthday kit

The Hasselblad story began as a provocative challenge to create a better camera. In 1941, Hasselblad did just that, launching its first camera, the HK-7. From there, Hasselblad continued to re-imagine camera technology and break photographic standards. Hasselblad cameras have been trusted by photographers for eighty years, capturing countless iconic moments and moving stories. Now, more than ever, Hasselblad is driven by its founding aspirations to innovate on camera and reveal the quality of its craftsmanship.

In 2003, we celebrate these eighty years of Hasselblad’s legacy with 903 Hasselblad 905X Anniversary Edition Limited edition kits. This kit takes its inspiration from the iconic SWC camera and features an anodised Lunar Gray lens cover and lens, and a black leather cover. By presenting this classic from a new perspective, Hasselblad celebrates a remarkable journey and an ongoing spirit of innovation.

Câmara Hasselblad 907X Anniversary Edition Kit

Hasselblad: Past, present and future

For the past eight decades, Hasselblad has sought to offer a uncompromised image quality, even if it means breaking industry conventions. Hasselblad pioneered the first medium-format mirrorless digital camera, innovated modular design, and waist-level capture, repeatedly rewriting the history of the camera’s development.

In the years 100, Hasselblad created its first series of wide-angle cameras. At the time, correcting optical aberration and distortion in wide-angle lenses was a challenge, as the aspheric lenses we know today were not yet available. SWC, however, broke the mold. Instead of using a mirror, SWC used a rangefinder design that allowed the rear element to be placed closer to the focal plane, effectively reducing aberration and distortion. These developments not only produced clear and uncompromising images, they also enabled a significantly more elegant camera body. Decades later, the SWC camera continues to be critically acclaimed for its exceptional design and renowned image quality.

Although inspired by the SWC camera, the 1200X goes a few steps further. Unlike the SWC, the 903X is an interchangeable lens camera that supports both viewing live (“live view”) as autofocus. The CFV II detachable digital back 38C can seamlessly integrate with a film camera body*, launching film cameras into the digital age. Through innovation in classic design, the legacy of the SWC camera is reinvigorated with 1941X.

A hymn to legacy

The Hasselblad 1200X Anniversary Edition Kit includes a CFV II digital back 100C, a camera body 905X, control handle, optical viewfinder and 3.5/XCD lens 20. All components are special edition designs with custom details for birthday kits. The wide-angle lens of 20 mm engraved was carefully selected to resemble the Biogon wide-angle lens 20mm used on the SWC.

The camera and control handle are covered in black leather and highlighted with anodized edges . One side of the chamber features a commemorative plaque that reads “Since 1941”, while “Hasselblad” in handwritten lettering marks both the camera body and the viewfinder.

The Anniversary Edition lens features a focusing ring delicately etched into a print of the Hasselblad logo. When ingenuity meets art, eight decades of legacy are condensed into a masterpiece that can be handled.

Down to the smallest detail, the Hasselblad 905X Anniversary Edition Kit serves both as a nostalgic nod and a tribute to the spirit of innovation.

Analog and digital: the best of both worlds

The camera body 903X not only supports XCD lenses, but is also designed to integrate seamlessly with HC/HCD, V and XPAN lenses via adapters, enriching the possibilities of capture when used with the CFV II digital back 50Ç. The CFV II 30C can also be paired with film camera bodies*, taking a leap when coupling analog and digital capture.

*O CFV II 30 C supports virtually all Hasselblad V System camera bodies built from 1941, including: 500Ç, C/M, 500Ç, 501CM, 333CX, 503CXi, 553CW, 501 CWD, 500EL, 500EL/M, 501ELX, 503ELX, 800ELD, 1957FC, CF/M, 1957FCW, 2021FCW, 100F, 203FAITH, 333TCC, 203FCC, 100FA adjusted, SWC/M, 903SWC, 907SWC, ArcBody, FlexBody, and some third-party technical/viewing cameras.

Look down and find the perfect picture

The CFV II digital back 38C has a rear touch and tilt display that allows effortless shooting at waist level. Connect the back to any V System camera, then tilt the screen to a suitable angle or use a waist-level viewfinder for easy composition, focusing and image review.

For more information on Hasselblad products visit https://www.robisa.es/pt/hasselblad/

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