The Transformation of Hector Herrera Before Surgery!

Héctor Herrera, a Porto FC and Mexican National Team player in Russia 2018, is making headlines for his new look as a consequence of two cosmetic procedures.

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According to the soccer player, he underwent rhinoplasty to improve his breathing and thus his athletic performance, citing health concerns more than looks.

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He did, however, state that image does key in athletics, even if he does not totally agree with it. Herrera, whose contract had already been renewed, posed for GQ magazine.

Hector Herrera’s Plastic Surgery

hector herrera before surgery

Mexico’s national player said that he underwent functional Rhinoplasty and Otoplasty in order to improve his sporting ability. His appearance has improved tremendously, and he appears more appealing than before. However, his followers began to question whether he got it for health or aesthetic reasons. Let us look into why Hector Herrera had plastic surgery.

The Mexican Footballer Underwent Nose and Ear Aesthetic Surgery!

Porto FC and Mexican National Team star Hector Herrera (@h.herrera16) has made news for his new face as a result of two plastic procedures. He underwent rhinoplasty for health reasons rather than cosmetics in order to improve his breathing and thus his athletic ability.

Everything indicates that the midfielder underwent face reconstruction surgery and stunned everyone with his physical metamorphosis, confirming his happiness. To improve his appearance, the 32-year-old professional football player underwent nose and ear surgery.

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The nasal treatment made it simpler for him to breathe, but there was no explanation for the ears.

hector herrera before surgery

He most likely got his ears done in order to remodel his facial structure. His ears shrank dramatically, and his nose straightened and thinned. Hector Herrera did, however, acknowledge that image does key in athletics, even if he does not totally agree with it. Most young people today are unhappy with their bodies and wish to make changes to them. Herrera is no exception.

His look has altered considerably as a result of two plastic surgeries, as evidenced by before and after photos. Following that, he posted images with brief comments to his social media profiles. However, a merciless flood of memes and remarks has made the athlete uncomfortable discussing it, albeit he stays frank when challenged. Many of them consider both initiatives to be artistically pleasing.
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Reddit users also shared their thoughts on Hector Hirerra’s plastic surgery. Many assume he underwent the surgery for medicinal reasons, while others say it was solely for cosmetic reasons. One user suspected he had a significantly deviated septum, which causes irregular breathing. It may have been either or both. Another Reddit user said That’s the normal excuse to undergo rhinoplasty.

Shantal Mato, Hector Herrera’s Wife, Has Arrived!

hector herrera before surgery

Hector Herrera’s wife, Shantal Mato (@shanmayo), has created her own profession while supporting her husband’s objectives. They’ve been married since 2015, but they dated for several years before to that. The couple has been married for 13 years. Herrera and Mato are the parents of two children, a son, and a girl. Héctor David Herrera, ten, shares his father’s interest in soccer. In 2015, the couple welcomed their second child, a wonderful daughter called Mia Valentina Herrera, who is now seven years old.

Shantal Mato was born in Pachuca, Mexico, on November 15, 1990. In addition to being a celebrity spouse, the 32-year-old woman is a business owner. She is the founder of Stay on Social, a boutique talent management business that strives to elevate A-list talent’s career to the next level, according to their Instagram bio.

One of the group’s digital and sporting talents is Mato’s famous soccer-playing husband. Stay on Social has over 15k Instagram followers and works with a variety of well-known businesses including McDonald’s, Adidas, Netflix, and others. In addition, the agency works with Meta, TikTok, and YouTube.