Hillary Clinton on Kim Kardashian’s Criminal Justice Efforts: ‘Unlike Anything, You’ve Ever Seen!

Hillary Clinton has been gushing about Kim Kardashian. The former Secretary of State and host of the docuseries Gutsy is very supportive of the reality star’s work to improve the criminal justice system.

At Variety’s Power of Women event on Wednesday night in Los Angeles, ET’s Deidre Behar caught up with Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, who discussed the numerous celebrities they interviewed for their Apple TV+ docuseries and revealed which one had the most profound effect on them.

Kim Kardashian was unlike anything you’ve ever seen,” Hillary marveled. Given that “she is serious about attempting to help people who have been detained wrongfully, for too long,” it is clear that she is committed to this cause.

Hillary Clinton on Kim Kardashian's Criminal Justice Efforts: 'unlike Anything, You've Ever Seen!

In August, a preview film for Kim’s participation in Gutsy went viral after it showed the reality celebrity and law student beating Hillary in a legal pop quiz showdown.

Megan Thee Stallion was another celebrity visitor who left a lasting impression on the famous pair.

When Hillary and her class painted with her, “she was so serene and impressive,” Hillary said.

Of course, it comes as no surprise that she had more talent than we had, as Chelsea pointed out with a chuckle.


While Chelsea Clinton and Bill Clinton have collaborated on the film Gutsy, she has no plans to pursue a political career like her mother.

When politicians in the United States decide for women what is best for their bodies rather than the women themselves, “I think all of us right now are political, especially if you’re a woman in America,” she said. “I believe that everyone is political.”

Kim Kardashian's Criminal Justice Efforts: 'Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen'!

She continued, “I have no aspirations to run for public office, but I care profoundly about being an engaged citizen and about making sure my children have even more rights than I’ve had.”

The eight-part documentary series Gutsy, which stars Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, is available to view today on Apple TV+.