Uncomfortable Moments in The Spotlight: Hollywood’s Most Awkward Celebrities

Celebrities epitomize cool. They are really attractive and seductive. They don’t stand in line to enter posh clubs or fine dining establishments. Every interview is flawless, and every appearance is impeccable. They dress nicely and are dressed for the cameras.

To their followers, they appear dreamy and successful with ease. Clooney, George. Jennifer Aniston. Darren Pitt. When you hear their names, you may imagine elegance and perfection. You essentially think “awesome.”

Nevertheless, not all famous people are constructed equally. There is a famous person who doesn’t manage their celebrity as effectively as Will Smith and Sandra Bullock. Those people who are standing in front of bright lights yet have trouble balancing.

For these celebrities, the limelight is a nasty, unpleasant place, whether it’s creating news for silly reasons, delivering poor interviews, developing an odd appearance, or just looking like a spazz.

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Sometimes it’s done on purpose and other times not. However, we find amusement in their clumsy anguish. These guys just lack the talent necessary to be renowned…

Tom Cruise

Hollywood’s most awkward celebrities

One of the largest A-list movie stars of all time, he has created an astonishing amount of blockbusters, had ladies (and men) drooling over his every move, and has been extremely successful for 30 years. But Tom Cruise’s dealings in the previous ten years have been everything but pleasant because of his, eh, set of views and current readiness to discuss them.

The antics of the former Ethan Hunt can only be described as embarrassing, from hopping on Oprah’s sofa to his strange marriage to Katie Holmes to openly debating Matt Lauer about the dangers of Ritalin in his “Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt” outburst. We can only hope that his burgeoning celebrity will keep that uneasiness under wraps.

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Ben Stiller

This one is deliberate. By all accounts, Ben Stiller is a talented, sensible, hilarious, and excellent interview subject. He exudes “normalcy” and has a lovely wife and family (or as normal as a star can be). Yet in every one of his appearances, Stiller has nailed the “awkward guy,” and it’s difficult to imagine him in any other position.

From the embarrassingly uncomfortable male nurse Gaylord Focker in Meet the Parents to his terrible performances in Along Came Polly, Dodgeball, and even Night at the Museum, Stiller has mastered the art of falling over his own feet. When you watch a Ben Stiller film, what can you anticipate? Someone who will be so ridiculously awkward that you will wriggle in your seat the entire time. Ok right, a point made.

Al Roker

Hollywood’s most awkward celebrities

Al Roker, who we wouldn’t often classify as a “star,” has been a mainstay of the national news scene for decades and is well-known to millions of People. His demeanour is adorable, and he is well-recognized for expressing himself in the most endearing manner.

Yet, if you have gastric bypass surgery then “crap your pants in the White House” before telling millions of people about it, you’ll be awkwardly included among celebrities. There is simply no getting around that.

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Thomas Lennon

Dangle. James Dangle, the lieutenant. Do we really need to say anything else? The Reno 911! the actress has mastered the art of making audiences uneasy while wearing booty shorts. Few Hollywood stars like making people uncomfortable more than Thomas Lennon, with his lengthy, awkward looks and odd sense of humour. With I Love You, Man, How I Met Your Mother, and pretty much everything else he’s ever done, he continued his clumsy assault on screens. Lennon seems awkwardly focused. He adores it.

Miley Cyrus

Hollywood’s most awkward celebrities

Miley Cyrus always acts awkwardly and inappropriately. Everything. At. All. Billy Ray must be pleased with how his daughter Hannah Montana has developed into the sideshow that we have gotten accustomed to witnessing in a new controversy every few months.

When she’s on stage, on Twitter, or in real life, she appears to believe she’s being attractive, but 100% of the time it comes out as creepy, odd, or both. It all seems weird, from the twerking to the exposing clothing (that no one wants to see) to the overt sexuality.

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Jesse Eisenberg

In that 2010 blockbuster, the Social Network star successfully embodied his character’s social awkwardness and ignorance. When he first appeared on the scene, Jesse Eisenberg portrayed much of the same kind of popular character.

But doesn’t everyone have the impression that this is also how he is in reality?

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Eisenberg doesn’t simply appear geeky; there is a high degree of uneasiness that just won’t go away. He is tense, quick-talking, and (probably) sweating. The recipe for one strange man includes this incredibly uncomfortable (and maybe scripted) interview that came before Now You See Me.

Michael Cera

Hollywood’s most awkward celebrities

Few people, whether they are famous or not, take being “softspoken and uncomfortable” more seriously than Michael Cera. Only his scene-stealing act in Superbad, where he elevated the awful high school experience to an art form, can rival his delightfully flawless performance as the constantly awkward George-Michael Bluth in Arrested Development.

That all adds up to an uncomfortable superstar who is moulded in his own, distinct mould. Combine that with his peculiar stances and attire (google him sometime), as well as the fact that he, unfortunately, appears like a bird from every angle. Fortunately, Mike appears to have a wonderful sense of humour about every single aspect of his appearance, which is really entertaining.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart never grins. And when she does, Wednesday Addams’ appearance is revealed. Stewart exudes an uneasy air practically wherever she goes since she is pale, aloof, and soulless. She may not have a personality, according to current ideas. She may be constructed of cardboard. Or perhaps she needs new batteries because her light has gone out.

She feels most uncomfortable in front of the cameras and when there are other people around on the red carpet, so that much is clear. Of course, Kristen herself has said that she is “like, the most uncomfortable person,” and she agrees with that statement.

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You rank among the top three if you can claim it about yourself.