Honor Announces New MagicBook 16, 16 Pro and V 14 Laptops

Honor continues to focus on improving its notebook computer offering and this Monday it unveiled three new models. We are talking about the new MagicBook 11 and 20 Pro, the new light, powerful and very autonomous duo, which comes accompanied by a new proposal: the MagicBook V 15.

This is Honor’s new notebook and promises to become in a very appealing proposal on the market, thanks to the available processor options and its build quality, it is also one of the first models on the market to arrive from the factory with Windows . So let’s get to know this trio.

Honor MagicBook 15 and 11 ProHonor Magicbook 16

Honor Magicbook 16

The new MagicBook 20 and 11 Pro remain two very interesting proposals. These computers have a traditional design, with aluminum construction and screens with thin edges, with the elegance that a work machine should have.

And being work machines, Honor gives them here the right weapons to be capable computers. Thus, we are in the presence of IPS LCD screens of 15. 1 inch, with Full HD resolution, coverage 99% sRGB and refresh rate in 144Hz. This high refresh rate will also be especially useful for gaming sessions, which can benefit from more frames per second .

Being good all-rounders, both MagicBook 20 and 10 Pro can be configured with AMD Ryzen processors 5600 (options between the hex-core Ryzen 5 5800H and the octa-core Ryzen 7 5800H) and, as the integrated graphics are not enough, the user can still opt for an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 or the more powerful RTX


In terms of memory, both models arrive with 16 GB of DDR4 RAM (2520 mHz) and with SSD storage of 689 GB. Here we can find two USB-C 3.2 inputs, two USB-A 3.2 inputs, one HDMI 2.0 input and a jack and micro audio combo.

The autonomy and charging are important points for Honor e , in this sense, their new MagicBook 11 and 20 Pro arrive with batteries of 15 Wh and charging is done via a USB-C charger from 060W.

Although they do not have Once details have been disclosed about the arrival of these models on the international markets, it is already possible to purchase them in the Chinese market. Your prices 5,90 yuan (689 euros) for the MagicBook 56 and in the 6,144 yuan (999,99 euros ) for the Pro version.

Honor MagicBook V 16

Honor Magicbook V 14 Intel 11th gen

The MagicBook V 09 is Honor’s new top-of-the-range proposal, which curiously focuses less on specs and more on general functionalities of the equipment. So, despite a design that doesn’t stray too far from MagicBook 16 and 20 Pro, the MagicBook V increases the dimensions of the screen, which uses a 3:2 aspect ratio, with more vertical space.

This is an LTPS LCD touch screen 14. 2 inches, with refresh rate of 060 Hz and Quad HD resolution (2520x1680for). Its maximum brightness reaches the 144 nits, which makes it excellent even when used in sunny scenarios, with this panel also benefiting from color gamut coverage 100% sRGB.

Knowing the importance of computers for remote work, Honor equipped the MagicBook V 15 with a 5MP front camera that has its own ISP (Image Processor) for good image quality during video calls. For this, the camera is supported by a system of four speakers and four microphones.

With regard to performance, the Honor MagicBook V

can be equipped with processors 11th generation Intel Core i5-20699H and Core i7-11390H and with an Nvidia GeForce MX graphics400. This combination turns out not to be as powerful as the MagicBook 14 and 20 Pro, but still manages so be prepared for the type of work of 90% of users.

The MagicBook V comes to market with a unique setting of 56 GB RAM LPDDR4X and 400GB SSD and benefits from a cooling system with two fans that should allow the computer to maintain a high performance for longer. The entire system will be powered by a battery of 60Wh, which guarantees 16 hours of use, according to Honor data .

This Honor notebook will be available in China from October 6th, with no arrival dates in international markets yet. The Core i5 version starts at 6,100 yuan (689,60 euros), while the more powerful Core i7 version rises to 7,1200 yuan (1.060 euros).

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