What Is The Horchata Cult, Tiktok? Facts Explained About The Trend

What is this Horchata Cult that seems to be sweeping over TikTok at the moment? Everything you need to know is listed here.
A new “cult” dominates TikTok every few months. Despite what you may have heard, this is not a cult in the religious sense, and nothing diabolical is afoot on TikTok.
All it takes to form a cult is a large enough number of TikTok users who believe and act in accordance with a common set of principles.
The Step Chickens came first, followed by the Lana Cult, and now it’s the Horchata Cult’s turn to take over TikTok.
This is what it’s about…

The Horchata Cult: What Is It?

You may have noticed a rise in Horchata Cult-related videos while you browsed TikTok this week.
Horchata Soto, a well-known TikTok user, initiated the movement on April 25 with the intention of taking control of the app.
The Horchata Cult is essentially a group of TikTok users that share a passion for tacos and other Hispanic cuisine and have banded together to take control of the app.

Who Horchata Soto Is?

horchata creator

Jorge Soto, as Horchata, is a 19-year-old content creator from Rhode Island, United States.
His TikTok account, @horchata Soto, where he shares comedic and challenging videos, has over 913,000 followers.
Both YouTube and Instagram have horchata videos and photos.

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Methods for Joining the Horchata cult

The Horchata Cult welcomes all new members. The only requirement is a passion for tacos.
The next step is to update your profile picture to a smiling mug of Horchata to show your affinity for Hispanic cuisine. The information is available on Horchata’s page.
The discussion ends here. Just like that, you have converted to the Horchata Cult.

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