Hot S-T by Cardi B, Ye, and Lil Durk Debuts at No. 1 on The Top Thriller U.S. Chart!

The Top Thriller U.S. Chart’s number one entry is “Hot S-t,” by Cardi B, Ye, and Lil Durk.

Cardi B has now had five chart-topping singles.

The song “Hot Shit” by Cardi B, Ye, and Lil Durk debuts at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Thriller U.S. list, with a chart date of July 16.

The Top Thriller U.S. and Top Triller Global charts, according to Triller, highlight the most popular songs on the platform based on a formula that takes into account the aggregate number of videos featuring a given song that have been uploaded, their total number of views, engagement levels with those videos, and their total number of views overall. The most recent period, which covered July 1–7, is depicted in the charts’ data as a Friday–Thursday tracking week.

The most of any act since the ranking’s inception in 2020, “Hot Shit” gets her fifth Top Triller U.S. No. 1. Along with Kay Flock, Dougie B, and Bory300 on “Shake It” (May 2022), as a featured artist on City Girls’ “Twerk” (October 2020), and on Lizzo’s “Rumors,” Cardi B also topped the charts (September 2021). She shares the record for most No.

1s on the chart with Megan Thee Stallion.

It is also Lil Durk’s first No. 1 (his previous best, “Ahhh Ha,” peaked at No. 2 in March), and Ye’s second (Ty Dolla $ign’s “Ego Death,” on which he was featured alongside FKA twigs and Skrillex, in July 2020), respectively.

Cardi B herself created the top-performing “Hot Shit” video on Triller of the week. 132,000 people have viewed it as of July 14.

At the same time, “Hot Shit” makes its multi-metric Billboard Hot 100 debut at No.

13. In the tracking week of July 1–7, according to Luminate, it garnered 9,800 downloads and 14 million official U.S. streams (on platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and more).

Patrick Tran’s “You Got to Live It Up” premieres at No. 1 while “Hot Shit” debuts at No.

5 on Top ThrillerrE Global.

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