How Can Businesses Benefit From Various Online Tools?

Is your current business doing good enough? Or is there room for improvement? There are numerous ways you can benefit from interpreting online tools in your workspace, even if it is entirely remote. 

The most successful people spend millions on growing further. But how did they get there in the first place? How do you grow when you can’t afford to hire more people, as you’ll start losing funds? Online tools allow you to focus on growing your business with minimal investments.

Some tools can improve your security, while others can help you rank higher on search engines. But first, you’ll want to improve your communication. Let’s explore our picks, starting with communication platforms.

Online Communication Platforms

If you haven’t set up a channel for communication with your team, it’s high time to do it. Platforms such as Slack and Zoho are perfect for communication. You can put your entire business in the group chat and create channels for different usage. You can make a channel for chatting and getting to know the team for a better working environment.

Virtual work boards such as Trello are perfect for scheduling and tracking your tasks. The time when you had to call employees to complete an urgent task is gone. Everyone can receive notifications and start as quickly as possible through communication platforms. Additionally, the collaboration will improve when everyone gets used to the platforms.

SEO & Analytics Tools

It’s highly likely that your business has a website or will have one in the future. The website requires more than content that explains your services. Before you start writing the content, you need proper SEO analytics and keyword selection. The content must be optimized for search engines. There’s a saying that nobody knows what’s on the second page on Google.

In the meantime, you have to keep track of your analytics. You can track all marketing campaigns and website visits with online tools. If your website has many visitors but just a few orders (or none at all), maybe your message isn’t clear enough. Or maybe your price is too high. Check your competitors and make adjustments if needed. You’ll know you’re doing good when the orders start coming in, which can also be tracked in the analytics.

Secure Cloud Storage

Storing data on the cloud is undoubtedly safer than on your device. Any company can afford cloud storage due to its low cost. Prices start at a low monthly fee. If your company just needs to save a small number of files, the free version may be sufficient.

While storing data on the cloud may seem straightforward, selecting a reputable service and using strong encryption is important. For instance, if your business regularly needs to access specific files, Microsoft OneDrive is a convenient option. However, zero-knowledge encryption cloud storage like NordLocker is available for those needing the utmost data protection. Companies use zero-knowledge encryption for confidential files and documents that must be kept 100% safe.

Password Management Tools

Using password management tools, you can increase your business security and avoid password leaks. Everyone knows that browsers also offer automatic password saving for future usage. However, the first thing a cybercriminal would go for is the passwords saved on your browser. They aren’t protected at all.

In the meantime, password managers have strong encryption, and the company protects your data. You may lose some files if your device faces a cyberattack. But your login details for all websites will be safe in your password management tools even in the worst-case scenario. Those tools can be installed on your device or simply used as extensions on your browser.

VPN for Remote Employees

Your security can improve significantly when your remote employees use a VPN. VPNs allow us to encrypt browsing data and are a must when using public wi-fi connections. If you connect to public wi-fi, you can face a man-in-the-middle cyber attack within a minute. Hackers set up such public hotspots to trick people into using the wi-fi at the cost of their details and passwords. And a VPN can protect your remote employees from encountering such issues and leaking business data.

Final Words

Those are just a few online tools that will boost your business in multiple aspects. If you’re not doing good enough, you can try the SEO & analytics tools. If you can’t seem to communicate with your team members efficiently, you can create a channel in a communications platform. And if you’re doing perfectly in these areas, maybe it is time to improve security before it is too late.

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