How Did Joji Fare? Amid the Singer’s Health Condition Joji Fans Criticize Coachella 2022!

The Coachella 2022 performance of R&B singer Joji from Japan was cut short midway through owing to the musician’s health issues. As his Livestream was abruptly terminated, fans are already criticizing the event’s organizers. Internet users are also outraged because the well-known festival did not take the singer’s health into account.

The musician’s streaming performance was eagerly anticipated by the audience. People who couldn’t afford tickets or travel to California to attend the concerts in person were hoping to catch a glimpse of the performers’ performances via the Livestream slated for April 17.

Joji at Coachella 2022: What Happened?

On April 17, Joji was prepared to perform for all of his followers, and the event will be a webcast live for everyone to see. His concert began with a boom, but in the middle, the singer exited the stage, leaving the band on their own.

How Did Joji Fare? Amid the Singer's Health Condition Joji Fans Criticize Coachella 2022!

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Before Joji resumed his performance after a five to ten-minute pause, audiences had noted that the singer had started to sound different and had lost some of his initial vigors. When the concert came to an abrupt end, Joji apologized to the audience and said he had to take a break since he was feeling unwell owing to a health condition.

Why Fans Are Angry at Coachella

Fans of Joji weren’t happy to see that the singer had to return to the stage and finish his set even though he wasn’t feeling well. Some people observed that Joji’s images and videos had been removed from Coachella’s official social media page. In addition, Coachella skipped his performance during the live stream. Why it occurred is yet unknown.

How Did Joji Fare? Amid the Singer's Health Condition Joji Fans Criticize Coachella 2022!

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Fans, on the other hand, are not pleased that their favorite musician was requested to perform even if his health did not permit it. Several people quickly criticized the event online, and some of these responses are seen below:

What Health Condition Does He Have?

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Joji has spoken up about his medical situation from the star. The singer is currently avoiding social media as well, according to PopBuzz. He has talked openly about having seizures brought on by stress, which finally caused him to end his YouTube career.