How Did Shruti Bend in This Is Going to Hurt and Is Her Story True?

This Is Going to Hurt, a comedy that mixes hard-hitting realities of working in the NHS with a healthy dose of levity, has quickly become a fan favorite on BBC One and the iPlayer this year.

The show, based on Adam Kay’s diaries, follows a fictionalized version of Kay as he deals with the ups and downs of working grueling shifts, 97-hour work weeks, and horrifying split-second decisions that might mean life or death.

What happens to Shruti Acharya, the new patient at the hospital, and is she based on a real person? is an intriguing question in This Is Going to Hurt?

What Happened to Shruti in This Is Going to Hurt?

How Did Shruti Bend in This Is Going to Hurt and Is Her Story True?

The tragic episode 6 of the BBC show was concluded with the suicide of Shruti Acharya.

Shruti leaves the hospital with Adam after working an exhausting shift, and as they are saying goodbye, she looks at the camera and says, “I’m sorry, I really did try.”

Nothing in Episode 6 explicitly states that Shruti has committed suicide, but the reactions of Adam, the hospital personnel, and Shruti’s parents are more than enough confirmation.

Two months have passed since the previous episode, and it is assumed that normal operations will resume at the hospital with the seventh episode.

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Is Shruti’s Story Based on True Events?

How Did Shruti Bend in This Is Going to Hurt and Is Her Story True?

Since Shruti Acharya does not exist in Adam Kay’s novel, she must have been invented for the show.

Even though Shruti is a made-up character, her story was influenced by the experiences of genuine NHS workers who have dealt with mental health concerns.

I News, referencing data from the Office of National Statistics, reported that 305 nurses died of suicide or unnatural causes between 2011 and 2017.

I News reported in June 2021 that 300 NHS employees, including doctors and nurses, attempted suicide in 2020, a startling increase since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Fans Distraught by Shruti’s Fate

How Did Shruti Bend in This Is Going to Hurt and Is Her Story True?

As soon as fans saw what happened to Shruti in episode 6 of This Is Going to Hurt, many voiced their opinions on various social media platforms.

On Twitter, one viewer admitted, “I’ve cried at least once in every episode.” Sad tears for Shruti. Just thinking about how busy our #NHS employees must make my head hurt. They’ve been let down, and #thisisgoingtohurt.

While another said, “Since viewing This Is Going to Hurt, I’ve been thinking about Shruti every day.”

Someone who likes This is Going to Hurt said, “Just saw episode 6. Many people who work for the NHS will find Shruti’s story unnervingly familiar. Keep each other safe.

Another user of the social networking service Twitter wrote, “Finally got around to viewing This Is Going to Hurt. When Shruti did it, it hurt so bad. Her narrative rang all too true and jarringly true. It saddens me greatly that many people working in the NHS feel this way, but that discussing it has become frowned upon.

These words were written by a viewer: “Last night’s “This Is Going To Hurt” was so good but so painful to watch, poor Shruti, what a waste. Never once did I see her crack a smile. The stress levels for NHS doctors are through the roof.

Finally, a viewer said, “I still haven’t processed the penultimate episode of This Is Going To Hurt. My heart is shattered by Shruti’s ordeal.

BBC One has been screening weekly episodes of This Is Going to Hurt, and the entire series can be viewed on BBC iPlayer until March 22.

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