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How Did the “I’m Getting Ripped Tonight” Meme Get Found?” Tiktok Viral Trend Explained!

How Did the "I'm Getting Ripped Tonight" Meme Get Found?" Tiktok Viral Trend Explained!
Social media is already flooded with the term “I’m getting ripped tonight,” but where did it originate? What does that signify, then?
There is currently one thing that keeps playing when you go around social media.
I’m about to get ripped; RIP, that p**** ayyy.
What is the sound, which is currently EVERYWHERE and has become one of May’s most well-liked memes?
Here’s everything you need to know about the “I’m getting ripped tonight” meme in case you’re a little perplexed.

It Is Original to A Doja Cat Song.

Let’s begin at the beginning.
Actually, the line “I’m getting ripped tonight” is from a song by Doja Cat and Starboi3. As you may expect, it’s called D*ck and is quite graphic.
Doja performs the lyric “I’m getting torn tonight” right after the chorus.
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The Track Become a Tiktok Trend.

When D*ck was published in April 2021, it rapidly became a popular TikTok dancing fad, just like all other Doja Cat songs.
Before making the RIP sign and placing your hands behind your back, the fashion entails tensing your biceps.
The well-known song “I’m getting ripped tonight, RIP that p**** ayyy” is playing in the background.
The fashion eventually changed, though, and people started putting their own quotes following the word “RIP”.
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Right Now, It Is Ruining Social Media

TikTok was immediately taken over by the fad, and it started to spread to other platforms as well.
Now that it has become a trending Twitter meme, everyone is tweeting quotes from the song.
Now that you are aware of the origin of the meme “I’m being ripped tonight,” Visit TikTok to see more humorous videos related to the trend!

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