How Different Is Porco’s Jaw Titan from Falco’s in Attack on Titan Season 4?

Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 episode 11 unveiled Falco’s new Jaw Titan form, but why does it differ from Porco Galliard’s?
With some of the most intricate worlds of any anime series, Attack on Titan provides a wealth of backstories, backstories, and context for the events that play out on our screens every Sunday.
But a complicated cosmos also brings a lot of ambiguity, particularly in relation to the enigmatic abilities of the Nine Original Titans.
We finally got to see Falco Grice’s Jaw Titan in action in last week’s episode, but fans are wondering why his new shape is distinct from the one we were used to when Porco was in control.

Why Differs Falco’s Jaw Titan from Porco’s?

Simply told, Falco Grice drank the wine that was contaminated with Zeke’s spinal fluid, which is why his Jaw Titan differs from the one wielded by Porco Galliard.
The advent of Titan-shifters, or Eldians with the ability to change into Titans at will like the Nine Original Titans, is well documented.
With her body type, facial traits, and long blonde hair, the Female Titan can be easily identified as Annie Leonhart. Similar to the physical traits of the Warrior-candidate graduates, Reiner’s Armoured Titan has short blonde hair.
How Different Is Porco's Jaw Titan from Falco's in Attack on Titan Season 4?
With this in mind, Falco ought to have stuck with the Jaw Titan’s primary body type, which is primarily quadrupedal and has a unique hardening around the face.
Falco’s Titan, on the other hand, has talons, noticeably longer blonde hair, a beak-like armored section of the face, and hair on his chest (after eating Porco in episode 78).
This is due to the fact that Falco’s effects from swallowing Zeke’s spinal fluid have merged with his own characteristics as a Titan-shifter to form a Jaw Titan that resembles a bird.
It’s interesting to note that Falco first appeared during the struggle for Fort Slava in episode 66, “The Other Side of the Sea,” while conversing with a bird hovering over the battleground.
[Spoiler alert] Falco also develops wings and can fly in the original manga series, further proving his avian traits that were first observed in Zeke’s spinal fluid, which were first illustrated in chapters that have yet to be seen in the TV version.

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Who Has Used the Jaw Titan in The Past?

The only two known prior wielders of the Jaw Titan before Falco Grice took it over from Porco Galliard were Marcel Galliard and Ymir.
Marcel, Reiner, Bertholdt, and Annie are detained on Paradis Island in the years leading up to the fall of Shiganshina. However, a pure titan encounters the young Marleyan warrior hopefuls and consumes Marcel, Porco’s older brother.
The little girl known as Ymir, who later assumes the shape of the titan, seeks refuge within the walls until the same year that Krista enlists in the Scout Regiment. Ymir uses the Jaw Titan’s strength to save the Scouts in chapter 50 of the manga before running back to Marley.
The Jaw Titan will next be seen in action in “The Other Side of the Sea,” where Porco Galliard is now in control of it. After helping in the fight for Shiganshina, Porco is severely hurt by Eren and Zeke. Unable to recover, Porco gives Falco, who has changed into his Pure Titan form as a result of Zeke’s cry, permission to eat him.

A Weird Connection to Demon Slayer

The community has been captivated by the connection between Falco Grice and Tanjiro Kanada, the main character from Demon Slayer, on social media before during season 4 part 2.
This is so because Natsuki Hanae, who voices both characters in the original Japanese audio, does so for both.
Japanese voice actress and popular YouTuber Hanae hails from Kanagawa Prefecture. The 30-year-most old’s well-known performances have been as TenSura’s Yuki, Grount from One Piece, Jaco from Dragon Ball Super, and Vanitas from The Case Study of Vanitas.
It’s interesting to note that Isayama admitted in 2017 that Jesse Pinkman from the television show Breaking Bad served as the true inspiration for Falco’s character design.

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