How Do Fans Think Taylor Jensen’s Identity Appears in Young and The Restless?

Taylor Jensen, a new character on The Young and the Restless, has debuted. Fans, though, have undoubtedly seen her before.

The current plot of the CBS series has revealed to viewers that Jack Abbott, played by Peter Bergman, has been getting odd, cryptic texts for weeks. Both the cast of the program and the viewers were puzzled over who was texting Jack for weeks.

The character discovers his dead son Keemo (Philip Moon) while searching for the secret texter. Also revealed to Jack is the existence of his granddaughter Allie, played by Kelsey Wang.

But just as we were about to figure out who Jack’s secret texter was, the program threw us a curveball by introducing the ever-mysterious Taylor Jensen.

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Who Is Taylor Jensen in Young and The Restless?

We are introduced to Taylor Jensen, who is ostensibly a new character on the show, as the person purchasing Keemo’s home. Before the final transaction, she insists that they speak with Allie, and it is then that we recognize her as Diane Jenkins’ twin.

Susan Walters, who portrayed Diane from 2001 until 2004 and then briefly in 2010, plays both of these roles.

Even though we were thrilled to see an original cast member return to the show, it’s unclear exactly what kind of mystery the authors of the show are weaving around her reappearance.

Old-school viewers of The Young and the Restless are aware of Diane and Jack’s romantic past and their shared son Kyle Abbott.

In 2011, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) murdered Diane.

Taylor might therefore be either Diane’s long-lost twin or Diane herself, as it’s not uncommon for soap opera characters to return from the grave.

Additionally, don’t their last names—Jensen and Jenkins—sound oddly similar to one another?

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What Could Taylor’s Arrival Mean for Jack?

How Do Fans Think Taylor Jensen's Identity Appears in Young and The Restless?

The introduction of Taylor Jensen to Y&R might have a significant impact on Jack’s life.

All the paths up until the most recent episode lead back to Jack and his cryptic text messages, thus she might just be his secret texter.

Taylor’s entry could therefore also be related to that.

In addition, Jack Abbott has been spending far too much time with Phyllis, Diane’s bitter rival.

We are forward to seeing what the following episodes will bring!

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Fan Theories on Taylor Jensen’s Appearance on Y&r

One supporter hypothesized that Diane may have experienced amnesia as a result of Nikki hitting her with a rock, causing her to lose memory of her previous identity as Taylor Jensen.

Theoretically, she may have been paid extremely handsomely by Victor when he divorced her, which explains how she was able to purchase Keemo and Allie’s home.

Some followers simply believe that Diane is Taylor.

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