How Fiber Internet Is Boosting The Real Estate Value Of Homes?

Thinking of buying or selling your home? Today the market is hot and one of the most sought-after features and services people look at is what kind of internet service they can get in their new home. Homes are more connected than ever with smart devices, multiple gaming systems, tablets, mobile devices, and remote work that all require a fast, reliable connection to work. Learn how fiber internet is boosting real estate values all over the country here.

What Is Fiber Internet?

Fiber internet is a high-speed broadband internet connection that can reach speeds of up to 2 Gbps for residential homes in some areas. Data is transmitted through bundles of glass strands by beams of light. While it isn’t as widely available as other internet types, the fiber internet coverage area is rapidly expanding in urban and suburban areas all over the country. Unfortunately, fiber internet can be more expensive with plans from $30 to $300 per month depending on what speeds you choose, but the quality of your internet will be unmatched by other internet technology types.

Fiber Delivers More Reliable Internet

Fiber internet is an internet connection you can really count on when you need it most. It’s not susceptible to severe weather conditions or loss of signal and failure due to old infrastructure like cable internet. Fiber internet resists electrical interferences from lightning during storms and if rainwater were to seep into the cables, it wouldn’t prevent your internet from working.

No one really thinks of reliability until the unfortunate happens; they need their internet now and it isn’t working. This can be especially concerning working remotely and during in-climate weather when you need to check up on elderly family members and neighbors.

Fiber Internet Is Faster

Fiber internet is the fastest internet technology you can get anywhere. With fiber, you can get up to 2 Gbps with symmetrical download and upload speeds in some residential areas and reach even faster speeds at businesses. At these speeds, you can download an HD movie or video game in seconds whereas with DSL or cable it can take hours and still not download completely.

Although you or the possible buyers of your home might not necessarily be concerned with receiving ultra-fast internet speeds, they’ll be grateful for the option. There are several activities and situations that will make a faster than average download and upload speed beneficial, like backing up devices, sharing photos, downloading video games, watching TV shows and movies from top streaming services like Netflix or Sling TV, and playing online games, and more. These heavy data activities make great use of these greater speeds.

No Speed Throttling

Fiber internet providers don’t throttle your internet speeds when you’ve been using your internet plan too much. There’s no need to with the next generation technology fiber networks are built on. They can accommodate even the most connected and active households with no slowdowns, speed throttling, or punishments for simply using your internet plan how you wish.

Much More Bandwidth To Go Around

With fiber internet, there’s so much bandwidth to go around that there’s no such thing as too many internet-enabled devices connecting to your Wi-Fi anymore.

The entire house could stream, work from home, download movies, and more all at the same time without the congestion and long wait times that other internet types have. For homes with access to fiber internet, they could step into the future with the ultimate smart home systems around and operate smoothly.