How has the Internet changed our lives?

The Internet is an increasingly used medium in Brazil, with each Brazilian making more access to the “network of networks”, year after year.

Even older people use it now WhatsApp or another app to talk to people who are far away, even abroad. Our life has changed and if we were to compare it to ten or twenty years ago it would be quite different. And a lot of this change is derived from the mass use of the Internet. But what has changed?

Learn about some of the things that have changed with the Internet that you probably didn’t realize.

Como a Internet veio alterar a nossa vida?

Order food through the app

    Do you already order food through the app? It started in the United States and quickly spread to Europe and the rest of the world. Apps like Uber Eats are services that are only a few years old, and that you probably wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the Internet and cell phone use.

    This app didn’t just help the user, but also those who sell their delicious food there, because they manage to sell more food and reach more people.

    Your private car

      Uber also has drivers in several cities in Brazil, creating the feeling that your private car can have a rent for a few minutes.

      That’s right, without the Internet or your cell phone you wouldn’t be able to get a Uber either, and that’s why this application came to revolutionize the market and your life.

        Shop online

      If you have already paid with PIX online shopping, please understand that none of this would be possible without the Internet. Online supermarkets such as Clube Extra and other places work with Internet access and users can shop at any time of the day or night.

      There are also other services such as online games, applications bets like the Betwinner app download, and many others that exist just because the Internet helped create these conditions.

      Google , your new friend

      When your parents needed something, they would probably ask friends, family or someone you know. Today you can ask Google or other more alternative search engines like DuckduckGo.

      Everything you can look for, you find in a search engine. Therefore, their knowledge is increasing, as they have access to content from all over the world through a computer or their cell phone.

      You can also watch videos and take online classes, which they will do to further expand your knowledge about everything, or even a specific subject.

      Your bank is where you want it

        If you want to access your bank’s homebanking, you can even access it at home as indicated by the word “home” .

        With maximum security, your bank is available online at any time of the day. This makes services such as the already referenced PIX or even the simple transaction of money to another account a much easier service to use than when there was no Internet.

        These are just a few of the many advantages of the Internet these days. But, as we’re used to them, sometimes we don’t appreciate it.

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