How Many Abortions Since Roe V Wade?

Assuming that California was excluded from the U.

S. abortion count for 13 years, Heartsill claimed that 50 million abortions had taken place.

Previous estimates had been revised upward to 54 million based on this assumption, but it is still less than the figure provided by Heartsill.

Even though the CDC numbers haven’t been this high in several years, the federal figure was higher than previous national estimates.

Despite this, the CDC reports that the number of abortions has dropped below one million for the first time since the agency began keeping track of the data in 1976.


How Many Abortions Since Roe V Wade?

No raw data from all 50 states were used for Guttmacher Institute’s Abortion Incidence and Services Availability in the United States report An alternative approach was to use the National Center for Health Statistics data, starting with U.S. Census Bureau statistics on conditions that were known or expected to have provided abortions as a source.

According to these estimates, researchers expanded the data over time to include other states. In order to confirm the accuracy of the information, we contacted various health care facilities to learn how many abortions they performed.

There is a similar federal system for collecting abortion data, but it hasn’t been as comprehensive since California first refused to provide data in 1998. However, it still relies on the estimation of data from other states.

Between 1973 and 2011, an estimated 42 million abortions were carried out, according to data compiled by the CDC. Although not exactly 50 million in terms of actual abortions, it was close enough for this fact-check.

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How Many Abortions Since Roe V Wade?

According to Heartsill’s claim: “This morning, I simultaneously included House Joint Resolution 9 with ten other partners.”

Every person in our great state, regardless of where they are in their stage of development, will have their fundamental right to a life identified and protected by this decision that offers an improvement to the Iowa Constitution.”

“House Joint Resolution 9 was introduced this morning by myself and ten of my House colleagues,” reads the claim.

It has been proposed that the Iowa Constitution be amended in order to recognize and protect the inalienable right of every person in our vast state to life, no matter where they are in their development.

How Many Abortions Since Roe V Wade?

And we’ll be presenting it this morning, and I’m telling you, 50 million unborn children will have lost their right to life as a result of this decision. We should stand up for that today.”

Our opinion is that what Heartsill claims to be true is.

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Final Words

Heartstill’s assertion is correct in our opinion. I hope you find it interesting. Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments section. We’ll keep you posted on more stories like this!