How Many End Credits in Black Adam? Do They Set up A Sequel?

In the Black Adam post-credits scene, Dwayne Johnson fulfills his promise to alter the DC universe’s power structure. Any further discussion would be a spoiler, but it is safe to assume that the DCEU’s future is set up in the film’s closing stinger, and we have all the information you need regarding the moment right here.

If you’re in the theatre right now, you may safely read the first section of our explanation since we’ve got the lowdown on how long you should stay seated after the credits roll without any spoilers. But after that, we get into some very big spoilers about what the scene actually depicts. The definitive guide to the Black Adam post-credits scene is right here.

How Many Post-Credits Scenes Are in Black Adam?

how many end credits in black adam

There is only one post-credits scene for Black Adam. It follows the stylized credits and is well worth your while. There is nothing to see beyond the main credits, so feel free to leave after watching this bonus sequence.

If you’ve seen the scene in question, continue on for our in-depth analysis of what it all means. However, be aware that this article contains big plot and scene spoilers.

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Dwayne Johnson Had a Dream

how many end credits in black adam

Since that Instagram post six years ago, a lot has transpired. After persistently campaigning for a solo film to be made for the DC character he was originally recruited to portray back in 2007, Dwyane Johnson finally succeeded. The public’s opinion of Cavill was permanently changed by a CG mustache and a Netflix character you should toss a coin to.

And now, just a few weeks after Black Adam originally aired in theatres, the film’s mid-credits sequence has paid off that Instagram post from 2016 while also hinting at a future that is destined to be obsolete forever. But wait for a second—go let’s back.

Let’s dissect what happens in this Black Adam mid-credits sequence before discussing the original implications of this first sequence and why they are no longer applicable to the future of live-action movie adaptations of DC Comics heroes. There is only one mid-credits scene in Black Adam; there is no end-credits scene.

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Do Black Adam’s Closing Credits Appear?

how many end credits in black adam

Sadly, Black Adam lacks an exciting end-credits scene.

You can leave the cinema after the mid-credit scene without worrying that you will miss anything important at the finish of the movie.

Black Adam only has one mid-credit scene, unlike many superhero movies that are known to include both a mid-credit scene and an end-credit scene. It’s undoubtedly upsetting, but not entirely unexpected given that Marvel is best known for having multiple post-credit scenes for fans to enjoy.

Marvel is recognized for mastering the art of post-credit scenes.

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Superman Must Speak with Black Adam

how many end credits in black adam

Never one to let her guard down, Waller observes that she can use some of her pals from other worlds to defeat Black Adam. Another flying, super-powered being suddenly descended and lands nearby as their chat is finally complete. The newcomer’s identity is first hidden by the dust created by their arrival, but it soon becomes clear who it is.

Before walking into the light and revealing that they are Cavill’s Superman, the figure adds, “It’s been a while since anyone’s made the world this nervous.” Some notes from the 1978 version of John Williams’ Superman theme can be heard as he emerges from the shadows.

He says quietly, “Black Adam, we should chat.” As the picture goes black, the newest antihero in the DC Extended Universe gives a little smile.

There is a lot to take in here.