How to Add a Photo to Another Photo? The Ultimate Guide in 2023!

You must overlay photos together while working with many images at once. Thanks to the numerous web tools and image editing programs, it is no longer a challenging task. The procedures to add a photo, either free or bought, to another are shown in this lesson.

Method 1: Using Adobe Photoshop

how to add a photo to another photo
  • Launch the 2021 Adobe Photoshop.
  • Click Open under File.
  • Choose the main picture that you wish to have as the backdrop of your picture.
  • That image will show up in the Layers panel on the right when you add it.
  • Select the New Layer symbol (plus sign).
  • You can utilize this newly formed layer to place your secondary overlay picture.
  • Click File > Open now.
  • To apply the overlay image to the backdrop image, select it.
  • In the Layers window, the newly chosen image will also show up as a distinct layer.
  • Drag your secondary picture for overlay onto the backdrop image. Using the arrows in each corner, you may also make it smaller, larger, or more compact.
  • Click File > Export > Export As when you’re finished.
  • After entering the file name, select Save/Export.


  • Photoshop is a widely used image-designing tool that is considered industry standard.
  • Not only can you combine photographs, but you can also carry out a number of intricate image adjustments.
  • To overlay photos, you don’t need to be online.

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Method 2: Using GIMP (Free)

how to add a photo to another photo
  • Get GIMP, install it, and launch it.
  • On File > Open, click.
  • Choose the picture that will serve as your main background image.
  • Click File > Open once again.
  • Choose the picture that will serve as the secondary overlay.
  • Select Copy by clicking the Edit symbol on your toolbar.
  • Return to the original window that featured the main background picture.
  • To copy an icon from your toolbar, click it.
  • Using the markers on the corners of the image, adjust the size of your secondary overlay image by clicking on its center.
  • Locate Pasted Layers in the Layers dock.
  • You can adjust the image transparency level to your preferred setting here.
  • Click File > Export to export your image.
  • Give your picture a new name and select the format you want it to be in (such as JPEG)
  • Select “Save As.”


  • Popular freeware is GIMP. It functions as a substitute for Adobe Photoshop.
  • GIMP is a desktop program for Windows. As a result, you don’t always need to have Internet access to overlay images.

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Method 3: Using (Free Online Tool)

how to add a photo to another photo
  • Go to to access the website.
  • Select Upload Picture.
  • Choose the main picture that you wish to use as the backdrop.
  • Select Add Overlay Image now.
  • Choose the secondary image you wish to incorporate into the main image.
  • Choose the Border – Yes option if you wish to add borders to your photo. There’s no border applied by default.
  • Additionally, you can adjust the Blend Percentage slider to the desired amount. Your transparency level is what makes up your blend %.
  • Once you’re satisfied with the generated image, click Download Image after selecting Preview Image.


  • You can use directly from your computer browser. No tools need to be installed or downloaded.
  • is accessible from any device with an Internet connection or any operating system.