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How to Block Someone on Google Chat?

how to block someone on google chat

You may have group chats, join places for teamwork, and communicate with contacts using Google Chat. On the other hand, occasionally, you could receive unsolicited messages or conversations from users on Google Chat. If that’s the case, you can stop talking to them by blocking and reporting them.

When you block someone in Google Chat, their communications are hidden from you in groups and spaces and they are unable to send you direct messages. If someone is abusing Google’s policies or terms of service, you may also report them.

We’ll go over several ways and devices to ban someone on Google Chat in this article. In the event that you subsequently change your mind, we will also go over how to unblock someone.

Block Someone on Google Chat (Android and iOS)

To ban someone on the Google Chat app for iOS and Android, follow these steps:

On your smartphone, launch Google Chat and select the individual’s discussion that you wish to ban.

To access a different set of options, touch on the person’s name located in the top left of the screen.

In order to complete the operation, press the Block button one more.

To report that individual to Google, check the “Also report” box. As an alternative, you may select Block and report by long-pressing the chat.

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Block Someone on Google Chat (on a Computer)

Go to Google Chat and sign in with your Google account before proceeding with the instructions below if you’re using it on a computer.

In the left panel, click on the chat you wish to stop having. After bringing up a drop-down menu with the person’s name selected, select Block and Report. Ultimately, select Block to complete the procedure.

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On Google Chat, blocking someone might help you prevent unsolicited conversations and messages from them. To accomplish it with ease, adhere to the two techniques we have just discussed.

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