How to Change the Name of Your iPhone?

You have the option to give your new iPhone a special name, such as “Brian’s Amazing iPhone 12,” when you purchase one.

Yet there are a number of reasons you might wish to alter the name you gave your phone when you first set it up. Luckily, changing the name of your iPhone is quite simple. We’ll go through the justifications for and instructions for renaming your iPhone in this post.

Why Change the Name of Your iPhone?

Your iPhone’s name might appear private, but there are a few circumstances in which it might be made public. For instance, your phone’s name could be displayed on the screen if you pair your iPhone with a Bluetooth device, such as a vehicle stereo. Also, when it is linked to a computer, AirDrop, and iCloud backups, your phone name may appear.

Perhaps you gave your iPhone an incorrect name, and you now want to alter it. Maybe you just want to add a little flavor to things.

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Here’s how To Rename Your iPhone, Regardless of Your Motivation.

how to change iphone name

1. Open the settings

Using the Settings app on your iPhone is the first step you should do to change the name on your iPhone. If you can’t find the app on your home screen, you can also use your phone’s search feature by swiping down in the center of the screen. By entering “settings” into the search field, you may then locate the settings app.

2. Click on General

You need to visit the “General” page after launching the settings app on your iPhone. Many settings for your phone may be found here.

3. Click About

After you’ve reached the General menu, you should select “About.” You can find out different details about your phone on the About page, including the serial number. You may also modify the name of your iPhone on this page.

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how to change iphone name

4. Click on Name

Click on Name after you’ve reached the About screen to modify the name of your iPhone.

5. Change the name of your iPhone

You may now alter the name of your iPhone after selecting the Name tab. To preserve the new name for your iPhone, choose “done.”

There you have it, then! It’s easy to change the name of your iPhone, whether you want something more specific or covert.