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How to Check Someone else’s Search History on My iPhone

How to Check Someone else's Search History on My iPhone

Most android phones use google chrome as their default browser. It’s very easy to check you’re kids’ or employees’ search history on google chrome. You just need to log in to their Google account and then go to the history section. You can also unlock the devices easily if you have some android development know-how. But for iPhone, there is no such option. So, how can we check someone’s search history on iPhone?

Why is it difficult to check someone else’s search history on my iPhone?

The main reason is that Apple places a lot of emphasis on privacy. So, there is no way to access someone else’s search history unless you have their permission. Even if you are a parent or employer, you cannot check their search history. However, if you’re concerned about your kid’s safety, you can use some monitoring apps that will give you a complete activity log of your kid’s iPhone, including their search history.

We have the best solution for all your problems – Using KidsGuard Pro for iOS to check search history.

Best ways to check someone else’s search history on my iPhone

1. Local Method

If there is no screen lock on someone’s iPhone, you can easily access their Safari search history. Just open their Safari browser and click on the bookmarks icon. Here, you will find the option of ‘History.’ Click on it, and you will be able to see all the websites which that person has visited.

2. Using iCloud

If the person whose search history you want to check is using iCloud, you can easily access their Safari data. If you have the iCloud ID of the person whose history you want to check, you can easily access their device and its contents, including the search history. You need to log in to their iCloud account and then go to the Safari app. There you will find the complete search history.

You can also make any changes and add or remove search queries accordingly. The iCloud gives complete access to someone’s phone. So, use this method only if you have the person’s permission.

3. Remote Monitoring

If you’re a parent or employer, you can use some monitoring apps to check the activity log of someone’s iPhone remotely. These apps are legal, and they will give you a complete record of your kid’s or employee’s iPhone usage, including their search history.

Personally, I am using KidsGuard Pro to keep an eye on my children’s search history on my phone. This way, I will know what my kids are up to, and I can also take necessary actions if I find anything inappropriate.

What KidsGuard Pro have to offer?

KidsGuard Pro is an intelligent app that parents can use to keep their children safe online. It comes with a wide range of features that make it the perfect tool for monitoring your kids’ iPhone usage.

Is it possible to search someone’s phone’s social media history on iPhone?

You can access an iPhone’s social media history through KidsGuard Pro because it supports Whatsapp, Viber, Snapchat, Chrome, Safari, and Youtube tracking. So, if you’re thinking about how to check someone’s Whatsapp history on iPhone, then this is the perfect solution for you.


Between all of the companies manufacturing these apps, there are plenty of options for users that want to monitor their children’s smartphone activity. But based on the review, KidsGuard is a decently good app that helps you monitor the search history of target phone from your own devices. It does have a good combination of price, accuracy, convenience and reliability. If you are looking for an app that can track search history,  locations or text messages, then this is the app you want.

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