How to choose a microphone? TONOR Bestbudget Mic

Whenever we decide to gift a new microphone to us, the first question that arises is – Which microphone will be worth – buying and will do complete justice to your voice so that it will bring out your talent in the best possible form, right?  Because it’s not just about the price but also the question of quality. Since everybody wants items at a budgeted price but without compromising the quality of the product.

Which microphone is best? Which microphone should I buy?

Whenever some enter voice-over the field, these questions always pop up.

Factors: What to look for in a microphone?

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First of all, you have to decide which type of directional pattern best fits your needs. Because it is always advised to use a less directional mic. And it should be kept close to the source of the sound you are using.

Determine Usability

Usually, when we use microphones, we always want the microphones that require fewer tantrums – which means the setup which needs less time and is simpler to work with. Because in our fast-paced lives, we need to record quickly. Here comes, plug and play microphones for us. We have found this cool plug-and-play product on amazon – check out USB Microphone, TONOR Cardioid Condenser Computer PC Mic.

As using a USB 2.0 data port, no additional driver is required in it.


When it comes to impedance, Low impedance is always what we prefer when picking microphones for us. So, always look for this feature while selecting a microphone for singing for you. Also, low impedance microphones work great as PS4 mics.

Easy to install :

Another important aspect while picking a good microphone for singing or voice-over artists is – How easy its installation process is. Right? Here TONOR microphones could help you as here without any assembly, you only need to attach the pop filter to the mic tripod, then it can be plug and play.

Handling Noise

You must be aware that the diaphragm works by modulating vibrations from sound waves into electric signals. If your microphone has not a protection system, then it won’t be able to tell you the difference between background noise or desired sound. So Anti-vibration feature is a must. When we researched microphones that come with anti-vibration features, then we found many microphones that work perfectly for singing as well as for gaming with exceptional features. As the upgraded concealed shock mount can effectively reduce the noise caused by the mouse, keyboard, radiator, or touch of the microphone.

Since high-quality hand-held mics are designed in a way that can isolate the diaphragm from vibrations using foam padding and suspension. Whereas, the low-quality mics transfer vibrations into the diaphragm and produce a hideous noise.

If you are going for lavalier mics, then remember one thing these mics don’t have any protection system to handle such noises because they don’t support any padding due to their small size.

Choose a Pop Filter

Pop filters are a must-have accessory for all voice-over artists or singers who are in search of a good microphone for singing.  As the pop filters reduce noise due to air coming from your mouth in the microphone which leads to the reduction of sibilance, plosives, and other mouth noises.

Pickup Pattern

The pickup pattern of microphones must be quick and efficient.  as this feature indicates how well your sound will be picked up and rejected.  as all the cardioid mics grab sound in front of the mic and reject sound from behind and above.

So here comes the USB Microphone, TONOR Cardioid Condenser Computer PC Mic that comes with Tripod Stand, Pop Filter, Shock Mount for Gaming that works well for streaming, voice-over artists, streaming, and podcasting.  This mic has a cardioid pickup pattern and a great off-axis suppression feature, that helps in capturing more natural sound and suppressing all sorts of unwanted background noise. Check out more details here

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