How to Compress PDF to a small size

Cross-platform viewing of PDF files will not produce layout errors or formatting loss, so the utilization of PDF format is the highest among all file formats. But it is inevitable that you will encounter PDF files that are too large to share with others or upload to websites, so we need to compress the files to a specified size. 

PDFgear uses MRC technology compression to reduce the size of PDF files by identifying and eliminating statistical redundancy to reduce the number of bits. Whether you want to compress PDF files online or offline, this step-by-step guide will give you a hand. 

How can I compress a PDF online

For those who don’t want to download and install software on your computer, you can rely on online tool to compress PDF File. PDFgear provide web-based toolkit that makes it easy to compress and manage PDF files. All the compression work happens on the cloud, so it won’t take up your computer’s resources.

How to Compress PDF to a small size

Step 1. Access to PDFgear

First click PDFgear to navigate to the Tools page, find Compress PDF in the top menu bar, and then jump to a new window.

You can add PDF files by clicking the blue “Select File” button in the middle of the page, or you can add them by dragging and dropping.

Step 2. Choose the Compressing Option

The online compressor offers three options: Low compression, Medium compression, and Strong compression. Low compression gives you the highest quality files, but will only give you a small reduction in file size. The Strong compression option will give you the smallest file size with some loss of quality.

Therefore, Medium compression is the best choice. Choose one according to your needs and click the Compress button to activate PDFgear to perform the conversion task automatically.

Step 3. Save the New PDF File

It will take a few seconds to shrink the PDF file, depending on the size of the file.

Press the “Download” button to save the file to your computer and use it as planned.

How Can I Compress A PDF Offline 

For Windows and Mac users, PDFgear offers a desktop program for them. Compared with online tools, PDFgear software is more stable in performance and faster in speed. The user-friendly UI makes it easier for you to compress your PDF files to a smaller size. The free version can meet your basic PDF file processing needs, and you can also choose to purchase an annual plan or a perpetual plan to unlock unlimited features.

How to Compress PDF to a small size

Step 1. Download the PDFgear

Download the PDFgear software from the Microsoft Store or from the official PDFgear website. It is certified by Microsoft, it is safe and ad-free. Wait a while for it to install successfully on your computer, and your journey of compressing PDF files will begin.

Step 2. Upload Your PDF File

In the popular tools column, select the Compress PDF service, and then click the Add files button in the upper left corner to upload the files you need to compress from your system resource manager.

Select the compression level according to your needs (medium option is recommended, it will ensure the quality of the file while giving you a smaller file size). In addition, you can customize the output directory, in order to quickly find the back of the compressed file.

Step 3. Compress the PDF File 

After everything is ready, click the Compress Now button. PDFgear will start immediately and complete the task of compression in a few seconds.

After successful compression you can view your new PDF file, if the file size does not reach your specified size, you can repeat the compression.

Compress PDF on PDFgear: FAQs

Is it safe to use PDFgear to compress PDF files?

PDFgear prioritizes security, so you don’t need to worry about file safety. It uses advanced security techniques to protect your files, and all the compression process happens in a secure environment. All your source files will automatically disappear when you refresh your browser or leave the site, so you need to download the files you need in advance.

What else can PDFgear do? 

PDFgear is much more than just a PDF compressor, it also provides more than 20 related PDF tools to help you easily manage and create PDFs.

PDF Converter: Convert your files from PDF and to PDF without any sort of formatting loss.

PDF Editor: Edit PDF to add text, shapes, comments and highlights. Your secure and simple tool to edit PDFs.

PDF Merger: Merge your two PDF files or multiple PDF files into one at once.

PDF Splitter: And vice versa, PDF splitter allows you to separate multiple PDF documents from one PDF file with a few simple clicks as required.

PDF Cropper: Crop off blank margins in PDF files with the easy-to-use PDF crop tool.

What systems does PDFgear support?

PDFgear strives to make it accessible to all Internet users and provide them with a quality user experience. PDFgear online tool supports Windows, Mac, Linux systems and you can even access PDFgear online from iOS and Android mobile devices. the best part is that PDFgear can also be used as a standalone application offline Works on your Windows and Mac PC.

Is it free to use PDFgear to compress PDF?

PDFgear provides users with a free version that basically meets their compression needs. If you have more advanced requirements for managing and creating PDF documents, they also offer very affordable package plans: US$19.99 for Annual Plan, and US$49.99 for Perpetual Plan. Compared to online tools, PDFgear desktop programs are more stable and powerful.

The Conclusion

A simple search on Google will list thousands of PDF compressor software programs in front of you. The real pain is in the next step, when you have to choose the best option from these available options. After our testing, we found that PDFgear is indeed a comprehensive and reliable PDF application. And we also discussed how to use PDFgear for online compression and offline compression, both of which are effective.Anyway, hope this article will be of some help to you in compressing PDF files.