How to Create Online Signatures

A lot of government services are now available online, however, you can’t always use them. They are only suitable for users who have an electronic signature or, as it is also referred to, an online signature.

Why is an online signature needed? Where and how can users make it? And how can it be used? You can find the answers to these questions in this informative article.

Why Do I Need an Online Signature?

An electronic signature is one of a very large number of methods to authenticate and certify digital documents. An electronic signature is used to mark digital documents, hence it must have a logical connection not only with the documents but also with the person who signed them.

An online signature is a collection of different cryptographic symbols in a separate file. A person can certify electronic documents by means of this collection. The basis for such a signature is a key certificate.

An online signature may be used not only for authenticating different documents, it is also suitable for identifying a person when visiting official websites or applying for public services online. In legal terms, any document with an electronic signature is equal in force to a traditional paper document signed manually.

The most important advantage of an online signature is that it saves time. With an online signature, you don’t have to be present in person at various government offices to execute documents. It means that many tasks can be performed over the internet.

How to Certify Documents with an Electronic Signature

There is nothing complicated about certifying a document with an online signature. Many programs offer the capability to add such a signature to a virtual document. All you have to do is upload your key file to the platform and enter your password, and then specify which structure issued the electronic signature. Once the system receives all this data, it will process the cryptography. You can sign files up to 100 Mb.

PandaDoc Application for Online Documentation

There are many applications with electronic signature functions in today’s online signature market, and the PandaDoc platform is recognized as one of the best options. The platform offers an effective online signature solution that fully meets global standards.

This software has versatile tools for automating virtual document flow, which enables users to create documents faster and certify them, as well as to send them quickly to other subscribers. 

The PandaDoc platform offers absolutely secure electronic signatures that can be drawn for any document: a commercial proposal, an estimate, a financial report, a contract, and an email. The list of benefits of this software includes: 

  • traceable online signatures;
  • secure encryption;
  • document signing certificates;
  • compliance with PKI and electronic signature standards;
  • compliance with HIPAA and GDPR;
  • easy and straightforward user interface.

Having chosen the PandaDoc software, you can be confident about the legal aspects related to online signature laws. Although users must create a language that complies with the laws when it comes to online signature functions, this platform provides good tools to draw encrypted, secure, and legally compliant documents. With PandaDoc software, it is also possible to carry out the following procedure in a secure way: to collect electronic signatures from several parties. Another handy feature – Audit Trail – enables users to keep a record of all sent documents. is the website that provides more information about the PandaDoc software.