How to Download Netflix Movies on Apple Devices?

Without a doubt, Netflix is the new television. More and more people are turning to Netflix to unwind in the evening while watching their favorite show, while fewer and fewer people are watching the evening news and scheduled programming.

Traveling is another common Netflix application. Why not make a long wait for a bus or a five-hour flight a little more bearable by binge-watching something you’ve been wanting to see for a while?

The only issue is that the majority of public transportation options have weak or nonexistent WiFi connections, which forces you to download Netflix movies to your devices beforehand.

The good news is that you can download Netflix movies and episodes, but there are a few crucial guidelines and restrictions you need to be aware of first.

How to Download Netflix Movies to An iPad or An iPhone

how to download movies on netflix on mac

The best mobile Netflix viewing experience, in my opinion, is offered by iPads. There is a native Netflix app that allows you to download anything you want to watch offline, the Retina screen is clear and gorgeous, and the form factor is lightweight and comfortable to hold.

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Check that Your Netflix Subscription Is Active Before Downloading Any Movies, and Then:

  1. Open the Netflix app
  2. Search for something your want to download
  3. Tap the Download icon (note that some movies might not allow downloading)
  4. Once downloaded, the movie will become available in the My Downloads section

You can use Smart Downloads to only download the first episode of your favorite Netflix show when you want to download an entire season. Your iPad will automatically delete the video after you’ve watched it and download a new one as soon as you have WiFi.

Episodes and movies will typically only download when WiFi is available. The Wi-Fi Only setting in the app settings can be disabled.

The same steps described above can be used to watch Netflix on your iPhone while offline, with all downloads becoming accessible in the Downloads tab.

how to download movies on netflix on mac

You might not be able to watch certain movies and shows on Netflix while you are traveling to other countries because their geographic availability is restricted. Make sure you connect to Netflix while using a quick VPN, like ClearVPN, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The most user-friendly VPN application available today is ClearVPN. ClearVPN provides a few simple shortcuts to change your location, block ads, or stream sports, unlike other VPNs that can be confusing with their array of technical settings.

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Simply Tap to Activate Any Shortcut and Select the Best Option to Use Clear Vpn on Your iPhone.

What if you want to download more media from your Mac to your iPhone or iPad or feel like Netflix is a little too restrictive? Use a media downloader for iOS like AnyTrans.

In essence, AnyTrans for iOS is what iTunes has always aspired to be, only better. In addition to managing backups, moving between devices, saving social messaging data, converting photos, creating ringtones, downloading apps, and much more, it enables you to download and sync media files between your Mac and iOS devices.

In essence, AnyTrans for iOS can completely replace your Netflix app if you prefer to watch movies and TV shows on your Mac.