How to get the most out of your NAS

ASUSTOR Inc, a well-known storage solutions company, wants to help users make the most of their solutions, whether professionally or personally. By using a NAS device, users can have much more than one place to store their data.

At the business level. they can create, for example, multifunction server, getting much more value from the investment made. Get it with higher performance. Modern business environments demand productivity, which is why it is essential that data access is done at the right time. ASUSTOR NAS solutions utilize the highest quality hardware along with cutting-edge software to maintain exceptional performance, which translates into delivering a multitasking architecture that is as robust as it is smooth and stable. ASUSTOR NAS is typically able to maintain smooth access to data in demanding multi-user access environments and within iSCSI virtual storage infrastructures, increasing productivity.


They also now have multiplatform access for unlimited file sharing. Suitable for use in hybrid business environments, ASUSTOR NAS provides seamless, multi-device, cross-platform file sharing. Regardless of whether you are using Windows, Mac OS X or Unix-based operating systems, or devices such as tablets, laptops or smartphones, ASUSTOR NAS devices allow you to enjoy convenient file access for easy file sharing and management.

The network management is also more efficient, there is a great expansion versatility. ASUSTOR NAS solutions provide practical network management tools, allowing administrators to quickly integrate user accounts and access permissions: For example, Syslog Server centrally aggregates system logs from multiple devices on a network, providing convenient management and increasing productivity. They also grow with the enterprise business, offering a range of enterprise-class hardware and software expansion possibilities that give enterprises the flexibility they need to integrate other network devices and equipment for cost-effectiveness.

Finally, they have solutions eadvanced encryption, with full backup (AS1102T 1each ASUSTOR NAS includes AES encryption 256 military-grade bit), access to MyArchive’s unique storage technology (grab less frequently or highly accessed data confidential and independently store them on a hard drive), and have access to an enterprise-class surveillance system (ASUSTOR NAS Surveillance Center supports more than 700 IP cameras from popular brands, supports ONVIF Profile S and RTSP significantly increasing the flexibility of implementation)

In addition to the professional aspect, ASUSTOR NAS systems are also perfectly capable of bringing together all the potential and excitement of multimedia not only with work, but also with leisure. Let’s look at some of the potential in this matter.

AS1102T 1

AS1102T 1

Centralized backup with secure data – ASUSTOR NAS devices include RAID storage technology that allows them to satisfy both storage and backup needs

Turning the NAS into a Home Multimedia Center – The built-in HDMI interface and variety of multimedia applications allow ASUSTOR NAS to give you all your enjoyment. favorite multimedia content by connecting it directly to an LCD/LED TV or sound system with amplifier using the Asustor Portal.

From home cinema center a video surveillance server – The LooksGood app allows you to browse all multimedia content on ASUSTOR NAS series devices, creating a dedicated multimedia database.

ASUSTOR’s NAS solutions allow you to integrate existing resources, enhancing the cost-effectiveness ratio and maximizing the price-performance binomial, thus allowing you to get the full return on your investment.

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