How to Handle Internet Service when Moving?

One of the challenges of a modern relocation is ensuring that you have internet access at your old place for as long as you need it and have it active at your new place the day you move in. With that in mind, let us provide a checklist and some tips that can help you avoid the most common hassles.

When Your Current ISP Is Available in the New Neighborhood

This is the easiest scenario. Your current ISP is a provider that you like and which is available at your new address. Call them and let them know that you are moving and when. In most cases, you can keep your existing account and even take your equipment with you to perform a simple self-install. If a tech is required, we recommend scheduling at least a week in advance to give you some breathing room and get an extra modem if needed. You can mail the old one in after the move or have a tech pick it up.

When Your Current ISP Is Not Available in the New Area

You will need to:

• Determine which ISPs are available and review their plans
• Contact your current ISP about a cancellation date
• Set up service and installation date with your new ISP
• Package your old equipment and send it to the previous ISP

Find ISPs and Service Plans in Your New Area

There are a number of high-profile websites online that are not affiliated with any ISPs that provide a zip-code-based search engine for ISPs. Use one of those sites, such as CNET, to find the providers in your new neighborhood. Compare the various plans, and determine which is best for you. Consider looking for internet bundle plans which includes phone and streaming service to save money. If you have competition in your area, be mindful that you can use this to your advantage. If an ISP knows that you are considering a competitor as well, it will often sweeten the deal in order to close it.

Cancel You Current Internet Service

Call your current ISP, and tell them that you are moving into an area that they do not service and will need to close the account. We recommend doing this prior to choosing a new internet service provider because ISPs will often have agreements with other ISPs that allow them to offer you special deals. Explore your options with your old ISP. Most are rather flexible. If you will need the old service for a few days into the new billing cycle, for instance, most ISPs will waive that expense if you ask them. We recommend giving yourself an extra week. If everything goes well, you can just cancel the day of move-in.

Set Up Your New Internet Service

We recommend setting up your new internet service at least a week in advance, and if you have more time than that available to you, take advantage of it. Many ISPs will give you a month free just to ease the transition. Not all market it, however, so be sure to ask. If the new place is already set up for self-installation, have them ship the equipment to your current place so that you can install it on your schedule. Still, we recommend doing this in advance just in case any problems occur.

Give Back Your Old Equipment

Every major ISP allows you to return your equipment by mail. Many will even provide you a prepaid shipping box, so be sure to ask for that far enough in advance. Get the box as prepared as possible. Then, you can finalize packing it on the day of your move and drop it in a local mailbox.

Final Thoughts

Most ISPs will provide you with some attractive offers when you move into their service area. Many of those offers are only temporary, so be sure you know in advance what you will be paying 12 months from now.