How to Log out Of Instagram on All Devices?

Instagram has become a daily tool for personal updates, similar to how you change your status on WhatsApp. However, you shouldn’t keep it logged in from many devices for your security and privacy. This is a how-to for Instagram logout on all devices. Take heed to this instruction and log off of any unused gadgets.

Among your team, you may be managing a company account or a public account. You can log out of Instagram from a team member’s smartphone using your own if necessary.

It’s possible that you gave someone access to your login details, but you no longer want them to keep your account active. Thus, use this procedure to log out of their smartphone.

Either way, it’s best to keep the login details private.

How to Log Off Of All Instagram Devices Without Changing Your Password?

how to log out of instagram on all devices

In just 8 simple steps, log out of Instagram on all devices.

Step 1: Launch the Instagram app: You may carry out this action directly from your smartphone. You must launch the application in order to access your Instagram account. If you would like to use the program just from that device going forward, log in to your account from the one you are currently using.

Step 2: Navigate to your Account: Instagram showcases postings from users you follow on its site. Nevertheless, click the profile photo in the lower-right corner to begin the procedure.

Step 3: Three-Dash Option: Look at the upper-left corner to proceed. A symbol with three vertically aligned horizontal dashes is present. On it, click to bring up a menu.

Step 4: To log out of Instagram on all devices, select the Settings option from the menu that appears.

Step 5: Select Security: Instagram platform security concerns include logging out of all devices and login credentials. Thus, select the security choice next.

Step 6: Navigate to the “Login Activity” option by clicking on it. You may then view all of the devices that have been logged in using your login credentials.

Step 7: Choose the Device: In the screenshot below, do you see a list of all the logged devices? If so, a dotted dash choice would also be visible at the right end of it. To log out of Instagram, go down the list and click the user’s dash.

Step 8: Click Logout: The log-out symbol will appear at the bottom of the screen when you click the three-dot dash. Press that to exit the account.

Repeat these steps for each of the other devices on the list to log out of Instagram on all of them.

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Can Someone Else Login Once More?

how to log out of instagram on all devices

Yes, someone may use the same ID and password to log in again if you don’t update your login details. You may configure your Instagram login to use two-factor verification. Hence, you will receive a notification on your phone number if someone attempts to log in using your details. The individual can only log in further if you provide them with the code.

Is It Okay to Keep Instagram Open on All of My Devices if I Trust Everyone and Everything?

It’s alright, though. However, Instagram could view this as questionable behavior. It may thus close or block an account. Thus, avoid taking that chance. Instead, use a few chosen devices to keep the account active. Anything more than that is not ideal. When you create an Instagram page, these are the things you need to consider.

Using someone else’s phone or computer to get into your Instagram account and forgetting to log out happens rather frequently. It is quite typical and occurs to all people. However, there’s a chance that the other individual might misuse your sensitive information.

You must thus immediately log out of your Instagram account on all of your devices. It is noteworthy that Instagram does not offer a tool that allows you to remotely log out of your account from other devices, in contrast to Facebook and Gmail accounts.

An Additional Technique -2

How to Log out Of Instagram on Every Device?

To ensure that your privacy and security are protected, this tutorial walks you through the process of logging out of your Instagram account on all of your devices.

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How Can I Use a Desktop to Log out Of Instagram on All Devices?

Many people find that using a desktop computer is more comfortable than using a mobile phone. If you fall into this category, follow these steps to log out of Instagram using a desktop computer on all other devices.

  1. Go to the following website: To access the Instagram homepage, use Google Chrome and type into the browser’s address bar.
  2. Login: Select “Login” and input your password and username.
  3. Select the ‘Profile’ symbol. This will bring up your feed page, with the ‘Profile’ icon located in the upper-right corner. Press the button.
  4. The ‘Gear’ option should be selected. To do this, press the icon next to the ‘Edit Profile’ option.
  5. Change your Password: Next, select “Change Password” and fill up the blanks with your new and current passwords.
  6. Press the ‘Check’ icon: Press the ‘Check’ symbol that appears in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Your password has now been updated. In addition, all other devices have likewise logged out of your account.