How to Make Your Diamond Engagement Ring Pop (with Melee Diamond Accents)

Melee diamonds are small diamonds under 0.2 carats. They’re too small to be center stones, but they can highlight a diamond engagement ring’s main stone.

Full-cut melee diamonds have 57 or 58 facets to catch light from every angle. This allows the diamonds around your center gemstone to sparkle like stars.

Single-cut diamonds have 17 or 18 facets and a brighter shine. Full cut is popular because it complements center stones, but single cut fits vintage designs.

Popular Settings For Melee Diamonds

Melee diamonds highlight ring designs and make them look amazing. Popular settings include:

Halo setting: Halo settings encircle the diamond and highlight your diamond’s size. Your diamond sits on a diamond-covered platform. The flames are visible from far away.
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It’s best to use a center gemstone over 0.5 carat so it’s not overwhelmed by melee diamonds. The center diamond’s width should be double the setting’s width.

Pave setting: Pave is pronounced “pa-vey”, Pave’s root word is the same as in English. It covers the ring’s sides with interlocking melee diamonds. This setting conveys complex design. It can also create a cheaper ring.

Set in metal, melee diamonds are more durable. The pave shouldn’t go around the ring. Too much friction at the shank’s bottom.

Side stone setting: Side stone setting uses larger melee diamonds to flank your center stone. It creates a pave-like effect, but with a single row of larger melee diamonds. While large for melee diamonds, these will be noticeably smaller than your center stone.

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As diamonds get farther from the center, they shrink. This creates a visual rhythm that leads the eye to the center diamond.

Melee Diamonds Custom-Design

These settings don’t limit Melee diamond accents. These settings make center stones stand out. Melee diamonds are versatile. A designer can help you choose the best options for a custom diamond ring.

This doesn’t mean you’ll pick each melee diamond. Once you agree on the design and size of the melee diamond accents, they’ll be chosen for you.

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How to Make a Diamond Shine

Melee diamonds can accentuate your center stone’s size and quality. Thinner bands highlight stones. Thicker bands should only be used with melee diamonds.

Split shank rings draw attention to the diamond without occupying too much space. The split can make the center gemstone look bigger. The split shank is a clever design element.

Consider a band with tapered shanks. Near the stone, the band thins.

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Since the stone’s closest band section is thinner, it appears larger.

Cathedral settings make the diamond stand out. When someone looks at it, the diamond appears closer.

Combine these design choices with melee diamond accents to create a masterpiece. A diamond engagement ring should make you proud. Think of ways to make a diamond pop as ways to make the ring more personal, intimate, and representative of the relationship it will symbolize.
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