How to make your page on Instagram thrive: 5 hacks for those who start their development in 2022

Let’s talk about the tools that really work for promotion on an IG profile in 2022: we will be talking about 4 free ones and 1 paid one – an opportunity to purchase subs for your profile.

1. The best tool that you can use for free and that will really work is regular posting. This not only works well to attract new subscribers but also keeps those who have already subscribed to you. Don’t be afraid to post often. It may seem that the more often photos flash, the more indifferent subscribers behave. But according to the Union Metrics program, there is no negative relationship between the frequency of posting publications and the activity of the audience, only a positive one. At least, this is exactly applicable to those who make their content high-quality and are not afraid to experiment in order to surprise subscribers with something new. Novelty and authenticity are what are really important for today’s IG user.

2. Subscribe to the suggested users – this way you can greatly expand the circle of those people who will see your profile and may be interested in it. People are often embarrassed to use their everyday connections to increase the audience on IG, but if you make high-quality content and are just starting to develop your page, you definitely shouldn’t be shy about it.

Go to settings and select “Find and invite friends” and then “Recommended Users”. Voila, you have an additional pool of possible new subscribers!

3. Set geolocation, but don’t be boring and approach the question creatively. You can use not a real location, but one that people in your city can use to monitor interesting events and new places – shops, recreation places, cafes, and so on. This will be especially useful if you are running an IG of some brand or company tied to a place. So you will have the opportunity to attract new subscribers-neighbors.

4. If you realize that you don’t have enough subscribers, we don’t see the point in suffering, while you can greatly speed up this process by acquiring followers. Buy real Instagram followers or invest in an Instagram growth service – this way you can close this issue once and for all and focus on more important things. Make sure that you buy real subscribers: that is, you work with a company that cooperates with real people who become someone’s subscribers (leave likes, comments, and so on) for a reward.

5. Plan publications using the program and do not forget about the content plan – from now on it is your best friend. Consistency has not bothered anyone yet. If you have the opportunity to pay for a paid service and figure out in advance which publication will go for which one, take advantage of this and save yourself a lot of time and effort – now you won’t have to remember what day and at what time you need to go to the IG to make a new post. It’s a pity that such a thing has not yet been invented for stories!


Don’t just use free methods, add some paid ones to them – it is worth investing in your profile on IG to see a great payoff later! Good luck!