How to Change the Display Settings on A Chromebook? Explained in Simple Ways!

This article explains how to customize your Chromebook’s display settings, including how to adjust the screen resolution and visual orientation as well as how to connect the device to a monitor or TV so that the display is reflected there. The guidelines must be followed by all Chrome OS devices.

How to Change Chromebook Display Settings

To modify your device’s display settings:

  1. Chrome should now be open.

  2. In the window’s top right corner, click the three vertical dots. From the drop-down option that appears, select Settings.

    How to Modify Chromebook Display Settings
  3. After going to the Device section, choose Displays.

    Note: By clicking the time at the bottom of the screen and then the gear icon that appears in the system tray, you can also access the device settings.

    How to Modify Chromebook Display Settings

Chromebook Display Options

To make the required adjustments, select one of the following choices from the Displays menu:

  • Display size: CChoose a resolution for the screen. Change how the Chromebook monitor or external display renders width and height (in pixels).
  • Orientation: By selecting a different screen orientation, you may alter the default configuration.
  • TV alignment: Align a television or monitor that is connected to the outside world. Only when linked to a suitable device is this option available.
  • Options: There are two choices in this section: Make main and Start mirroring. Choose to Start mirroring to display the Chromebook display on another device, if one is available. Choose the Make main option to make the currently selected device the Chromebook’s primary display.

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How to Repair Chromebook Screen Mirroring Problems

Making sure the operating system is up to date will stop issues with some external displays brought on by a bug in a previous Chrome OS release. An update is prepared to be installed if an up-arrow symbol appears next to your account photo in the settings.

To finish the update, pick the icon and then Restart. Your Chromebook should automatically download updates. Nonetheless, Chrome OS does occasionally miss an update. The following is how to search for an update:

  1. An Internet connection is required for the Chromebook.

  2. Click the clock in the lower-right corner of the screen.

    How to Modify Chromebook Display Settings
  3. To access the settings, click the gear symbol.

    How to Modify Chromebook Display Settings
  4. From the hamburger menu, select About Chrome OS.

    How to Modify Chromebook Display Settings
  5. Select Check for Updates.

Note:  Check the HDMI connection if mirroring your Chromebook is still giving you trouble. If required, use a different cable or port. After removing the external monitor, if the screen still seems distorted, go to the Displays menu and reset the settings.

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  • How do I screen mirror my iPhone to my Chromebook?

    Use a third-party tool like AirServer or Mirroring360 to screen mirror an iPhone to a Chromebook. Your iPhone may be connected to Chromecast as well.

  • How do I display my Chromebook screen with HDMI?

    Using an adapter, connect an HDMI cable to a Chromebook’s HDMI port or a USB-C port, and then plug the other end of the cable into an HDMI port on a TV or projector to show your Chromebook’s screen. Choose the Clock > Settings gear > Displays > Mirror Internal Display option after setting your device to the proper input channel.

  • How do I mirror my Chromebook to my smart TV wirelessly?

    Use Chromecast to wirelessly mirror a Chromebook to a smart TV. Choose your Chromecast device by clicking Clock > Cast, then click Share.