How to prolong your MacBook battery life

In any equipment, there are components that deserve special care and the MacBook battery is one of them. In this article, we analyze some causes that can lead to premature wear and we give precious tips to prolong its use without having to replace it every 6 months.

A MacBook, whatever the model , allows you to unleash your creativity on innovative projects and work long hours in a row anywhere, thanks to its portability and state-of-the-art technology. Endowed with enormous power and speed, high quality graphics cards, great autonomy and storage capacity, it is without a doubt a notebook aimed at the most demanding professionals.

However, depending on its use and the configuration of the computer, the MacBook battery may reveal some problems if you don’t take certain precautions. Therefore, it is important to invest in preventive maintenance of your MacBook.

Como prolongar a vida da bateria MacBook

6 Ways to Save Your MacBook Battery

  • Watch out for the battery percentage icon;

  • Use Energy Saver with helpful saving tips;
  • Connect to power outlet when charging other USB devices;

  • Optimize settings for brightness, wi-fi and apps;
  • Turn off all programs and external disks that are not being used;

    Keep the software up to date.

    Continued use of the Mac without charging the socket, programs that consume the most energy such as modeling or video editing and accumulation of very heavy files can cause some battery performance issues.

    It happens, for example, that the notebook becomes slow to respond, unexpectedly shuts down, does not open certain applications or suddenly downloads. As the MacBook is known for its speed and performance, these situations prove to be quite frustrating, especially when there is a deadline to meet.

    It is necessary to identify the source of the problem and assess whether it is possible for the user to correct what is happening. Let’s say the battery isn’t charging correctly or the MacBook shuts down for no apparent reason. Try the built-in diagnostic tests recommended by Apple first and see what problems have been detected. Sometimes these issues are resolved with something as simple as restarting the computer, waiting for MacOS to load and restarting again. This System Management Controller (SMC) reset regulates battery charging and sleep mode, among other processes.

    It may also happen that you just need to update a particular software or remove a poorly installed App. Clearing drive space, removing folders from the desktop and having fewer tabs open at the same time are also actions that help save battery power. Also try turning off Bluetooth or checking the status of cables or USB ports. In fact, just one of them is damaged to cause the notebook to malfunction. In the most serious cases where your MacBook doesn’t turn on at all, overheats or makes strange, unexplained noises, or where the battery consistently performs poorly, it’s not worth despairing and starting to hit the walls with it! Before rushing to the store to buy a new one, we advise you to go to a repair center with certified technicians of the brand. iServices provides free, no-obligation diagnosis of all types of devices and repairs on the spot, whether it’s a battery problem or any other component.

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