on the Instagram login screen. You can then request a password reset by email or by receiving a 6-digit code by SMS (if you have your mobile number associated with your account).

You don’t have access to the email or the mobile phone associated with your Instagram account and therefore you have no way to receive the security code to reset your password? Don’t worry, it’s still around!

In fact, Instagram provides help with account recovery for those who simply manage to prove that it really belongs to them.

So, even if you don’t have access to the email account or the mobile number associated with the account, you can still try to recover your account using a selfie in video. But to use this recovery mode, you’ll have to have your photos posted on your account, so Instagram can compare and confirm that you really are the owner of that account.

Recover a deactivated Instagram account

If your Instagram account is disabled because you violated one or more rules contained in the terms of use, reversing this situation is not that simple.

As in these cases you have no way to access to your profile, the only way you have to request the reactivation of your account, is by filling out the form provided for this purpose in the Instagram help center and waiting for a response.

Recover an account deleted by you

*)If you just deactivated your Instagram account, recovery is as simple as logging back into that account.

Now, if you’ve made the radical decision to delete the account and meanwhile , sorry, the possibility of recovery will depend on how much time has passed since you requested the permanent deletion.

Once you request the deletion of your Instagram account, you only have )20 days to cancel the process. At the end of this period, all your data, photos, videos, stories, etc., will be permanently deleted and without the possibility of recovery.

Once you finally manage to access your account, take precautions of new scares: ensure you have an email and mobile number associated with your account and activate two-factor authentication to prevent third parties from accessing your Instagram account.


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