How to Find Duets on Tik Tok by Using Two Different Search Methods?

One of the most popular video formats on TikTok is duets. Using the duet function of the app, producers may work in split-screen videos with other TikTokers and produce reaction videos to the previously uploaded content.

It’s odd that there isn’t a convenient, one-click solution to view duets on TikTok given how appealing this video format is. But, there is a practical solution that makes it pretty simple to locate these films.

How to search with the original creator to find duets on TikTok

how to see duets on tiktok

You may perform a search for all duet videos made using content from a specific creator.

1. Open the video on TikTok if you are aware that duets have been created using it.

2. Discover the TikTok username of the creator. To accomplish that, press the username on the profile page, which is located beneath the profile image, and then tap and hold it. A notification indicating the username has been cloned should appear.

3. To get back to your feed, press the Back arrow.
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4. Touch the top of the screen’s Search box.

5. Enter “duet” and the @ sign, then paste the username you previously copied. The @ symbol and the username shouldn’t be separated by a space.

6. Tap Search.

7. Go through the results, which ought to be a collection of films that have duets with the original author.

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How to See Duets on Tik Tok by Searching for Original Sounds

how to see duets on tiktok

You may also perform a search using the actual sound used in the duet video. (You can try this technique if it uses a well-known sound that pops up in other videos, but you’ll get a lot of irrelevant and non-duet results, which is probably not what you’re looking for.)

1. Play the duets that other people have created using the video.

2. Touch the sound’s name, which can be found underneath the music note symbol at the bottom of the screen.
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3. Examine the outcomes. All the videos that utilize this sound will be listed for you to watch. If the sound is original, it will often only be duets created with the video.