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How to Solve the ‘30 Cows and 28 Chickens’ Riddle – It’s so Easy!

How to Solve the ‘30 Cows and 28 Chickens’ Riddle – It's so Easy!

Here is the solution to the “30 cows and 28 chicks” mystery that is currently going around. Test your friends after, if necessary!

You probably watched a few fitness videos, tried your hand at TikTok, baked some things, and played a lot of Zoom quizzes with your buddies during the last lockdown. But riddles were one thing that particularly enthralled the country.

Even though you find those foolish little puzzles so frustrating, you still have to complete them. Sometimes the solutions are so obvious that you only need to search them up online.

Riddle: 30 Cows and 28 Chickens

The conundrum reads as follows:

In a field, there are 30 cows and 28 hens. Just how many didn’t?

Continue to read it slowly a couple more times. It’s not as challenging as it first appears.

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Answer: 30 Cows and 28 Chickens

The response is:


Continue reading to learn the precise reason why that is the answer because you’re probably sitting there right now feeling extremely perplexed.

Let’s Explain

If you’re like the majority of people, you probably sat there wondering, “How many didn’t what?”

The statement must be interpreted in a different way. Spoken slowly.

twenty-eight hens and thirty cows. Say ATE in place of eight right now.

Therefore, 20 of the 30 cows ate chickens.

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How Many Cows Didn’t Eat Chickens?

I was right when I said it wasn’t too difficult.

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