How to Use a Red Light Tanning Bed

The widespread use of red light therapy has been reached in various health and fitness industries, even in tanning salons. However, the therapy is fairly new, and you can be confused about how you should use a red light therapy tanning bed. Here we will give you some tips and tricks.

Red light therapy has numerous skin and health benefits, and you can get them by exposing yourself to the correct light wavelengths. However, if you follow some tricks, you can get the best results from your red light tanning session. We will discuss those tricks shortly.

Why Consider Using a Red Light Tanning Bed

In general, tanning beds consist of UV light wavelengths. When these wavelengths fall on your skin, they damage your cells and give them a slightly darker appearance.

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On the other hand, red light therapy sessions focus on healing your skin and health from a deeper level. It consists of numerous health benefits while improving your mental state as well.


When you administer red light therapy on yourself, your body starts to absorb the light energy and improves the metabolic activity in your body. Therefore, your body’s circulation improves, which aids in healing and repairing damaged cells.

Specific wavelengths of visible red light and near-infrared lights are used. These wavelengths are bigger than other visible light and can reach deeper into the skin to initiate several metabolic responses. Thus, your muscles, bones, and joints can receive therapeutic benefits along with your skin.

Red light therapy helps produce collagen protein in your skin, which reduces wrinkling and helps with other skin conditions. Also, this therapy is an excellent remedy for pain and inflammation. Several hormone productions in your body are also influenced by this therapy which ensures overall wellness for your health. 

If you struggle with stretch marks and uneven skin tones, red light therapy can be an easy and natural solution for your condition. You can also recover your muscle, reduce bone and joint pain, and reduce inflammation, stress, and seasonal affective disorder symptoms with the help of this therapy.

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Now, red light therapy in tanning salons can help you achieve a golden brown tan for your skin. However, the darkening of the skin is a sign of skin cell damage. It can cost your skin to lose firmness, bring out aging spots, and wrinkling.

Follow up with PBM sessions if you still want to get your skin tanned. It will help your skin to smooth out wrinkles, rough skin, and fine lines.

Tips and Tricks for Using a Tanning Bed Properly

As mentioned before, you can receive therapeutic benefits from red light therapy once you expose your body to specific light wavelengths. However, red light therapy tanning sessions can be expensive. So, you would want to gain the highest benefits from your therapy sessions. 

So, here are a few tips for your tanning session. You can have an effective tanning session with a positive experience if you follow these tips.

Exfoliate and Shave before Tanning

Red light therapy reaches deep down your skin and starts repairing, replicating, and rejuvenating healthy growth from underneath. However, dead and dry skin cells can limit the benefit of your red light therapy session.

You should shave your skin and exfoliate a few days before your red light tanning session. Shaving and exfoliating will make your skin feel soft and smooth. Additionally, you can ensure even tanning of your skin when you go under those procedures beforehand.

Use Sunscreen before your Therapy Session

Light wavelengths can affect your skin in several ways. You may have light-sensitive skin that can get inflamed and develop redness when exposed to tanning lights. Therefore, to avoid such circumstances, you should use a good quality sunscreen lotion before having a tanning session.

Using a tanning lotion keeps your skin healthy and may help the tanning last longer. Some tanning salons will offer you the specific tanning lotion before your therapy session. However, applying tanning lotion before an hour of your tanning session is highly recommended.

Wear Protective Eyewears

The therapy lights have a high light irradiance that negatively affects your eyes. You can experience several discomforts and even lose your eyesight if your eyes get exposed to these light wavelengths directly.

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Most therapy salons offer specially designed eye goggles to avoid any damage to your eyes. Make sure to use those goggles properly. If you plan to commit to your tanning sessions, you can get your own protective goggles for better protection.

Start Slow

If you are getting red light tanning for the first time, make sure to stay there for a reduced time. The more time you spend in the tanning bed, the more tanned you get. This means your skin cells damage more quickly with the increased time spent in the tanning bed. 

Generally, a red light tanning session lasts for 15 to 20 minutes. So, if you are a first-time user, reduce the session to 10 minutes. It is also recommended to use the therapy lights in a small area of your body beforehand to test if your skin shows any drastic effects from those light wavelengths. 

Once you have had your first therapy session, you can gradually increase the time for better skin and health benefits.

Listen to Your Skin

Pay attention to your skin while you are getting your skin tanned. Your skin can indicate if you are signing up for more than your skin can endure. You may feel overheated or other painful sensations while getting your skin tanned. If any of those symptoms occur, get out of your tanning bed and let your skin get cooled.

You can take a cold bath or apply cooling supplements like aloe vera to your skin to treat damages due to tanning.

Is Red Light Tanning Worth it?

Depending on where you are getting your red light tanning, each session can cost you from 30$ – 100$ US. Also, you will need to have consistent red light therapy sessions to influence changes on your skin and sustain them. 

While tanning salon red light therapy devices offer the most potent therapy sessions, you can get a class II medical-grade red light therapy device for your home. These home devices can be more convenient for you as you can incorporate your red light therapy session into your daily routine whenever you want.

Tanning salon red light therapy devices have their own benefits. You will be administered this therapy under the watchful eye of a professional and get the best benefits from the specific light wavelengths. So, you can definitely get red light tanning in a tanning salon.

However, if you want to be consistent with your red light therapy, you should consider investing in a home device. These devices can be used at any time and can be used consistently without making appointments with a professional therapist.

Bottom Line

Red light tanning beds not only tan your skin into an excellent golden brown shade but your skin and body also receive multiple health benefits from your tanning sessions. So, if you are thinking of getting a quick tan without harming your skin, you should give red light tanning beds an honest try.

However, make sure your therapy sessions are consistent and follow the tips given enough. That’s how you can receive the best benefits from your red light tanning sessions.