How to Use FaceTime on Your Windows PC Latest Version and all Updates.

how to use facetime on your windows pc

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With the most recent iOS 15 and macOS Monterey upgrades, FaceTime has evolved into a fantastic video-chatting software. Facetime’s screen share, Portrait Mode, and voice isolation are just a few of the recently implemented functions that make it very high on demand. But, what has piqued everyone’s attention is the fact that it supports FaceTime on Windows and Android. In the not-too-distant future, however, Apple may make a significant change to its FaceTime software, which means users will have no choice but to update their iPhone or iPad. The company began rolling out iOS 11 betas 4 on Monday, and it’s expected that users will be required to upgrade by early 2018 at the latest.

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How to Use FaceTime on a Windows PC (2021)

Let’s start with the limitations and talk about what works and what doesn’t work with FaceTime for Windows. It will make the process of setting up and using FaceTime on Windows PCs much easier. With that in mind, let’s get started.

What Is FaceTime and How Does it Work on Windows?

Apple’s move to outsource development in order to compete against entrenched rivals like Zoom and Google Meet is just one example of how the company has expanded beyond its ecosystem. While the incorporation of FaceTime on Windows is significant, Apple has also imposed a few limitations.

Many of you are probably wondering how to install the FaceTime software on your Windows computer now. In the future, when working with clients, you’ll have to learn a lot of stuff about them. The Apple video calling program is only available for use through a browser on Windows and Android. Only Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are supported on Windows for the video calling software.

Furthermore, if you want to begin a FaceTime meeting, you must first ask a friend who owns an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to create a meeting link and pass it along to you. This implies you won’t be able to make a FaceTime invitation link on your Windows device. You’ll need the link to join a meeting, and you must have it in order to attend.

SharePlay, the feature that lets you play together with other people on Apple’s popular video-calling software FaceTime, is also not supported. The list of limitations continues to grow. That means you won’t be able to watch movies with your pals or listen to Apple Music together via a FaceTime video call.

In a nutshell, FaceTime for Windows simply allows you to join a meeting via a link and provides simple controls like the ability to mute/unmute audio, enable/disable video, and employ a grid layout. Aside from these severe limitations, the only positive aspect is that you may now communicate with iPhone users over FaceTime on your Windows computer. That is, without having to develop an Apple ID account.

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How to Make a FaceTime Invite Link on Mac

As I previously stated, you’ll need to contact a friend who owns a Mac or an iPhone and ask them to generate a meeting link that will allow you to test FaceTime on Windows. If you’re a PC user, follow these steps to generate and share a FaceTime invite link with your buddy.

Next, click the tiny information button next to the FaceTime link you just formed.

In the toolbar, click on the Share button.

Next, you’ll need to pick the method of delivering the FaceTime link that you’d want to use. You may post the link using Apple Mail or Messages. You may also export the meeting link and share it via other messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, and others.

How to Make a FaceTime Invite Link on an iPhone or iPad

While I’ve already gone through the process of creating a FaceTime invite link using an iOS device in our guide to making FaceTime calls between iPhone and Android, here’s a quick reminder.

To begin, open the FaceTime app on your iOS device and select the Create Link option.

Tap the info button next to the FaceTime address. On the following page, select a category from the drop-down menu and then tap on the Share Link button.

Finally, share the FaceTime invitation link via your preferred means with a Windows user. You may distribute it in a variety of ways, including as Messages, WhatsApp, email, Facebook Messenger, and more.

What You Need to Know About Using FaceTime on a Windows PC

After you receive a FaceTime meeting link, you may join the call on your Windows device in a few simple steps. Simply follow the instructions below to achieve this.

To begin, open the FaceTime link in Chrome or Edge.

Now, go to the FaceTime web page and fill out your name.

Finally, a pop-up notice requesting permission to use your camera and microphone will appear. To accept permissions for your Windows PC’s camera and microphone, tap Allow on the pop-up.

At the bottom left, fill in the request for a host to allow you to join the video conference.

If you’re connected to a host, you should see a sign that says You have been invited to join the conversation.

Well, that’s it. Once you’ve been allowed in, you’ll be able to communicate with your pals on FaceTime on your Windows PC. To leave the meeting, click the red Leave button at any time.

On Windows, you can change the FaceTime controls to suit your preferences.

FaceTime, which is accessible on the web for Windows users, adds a few easy controls to make voice communications easier. Let me show you how to get the most out of them.

To maximize the FaceTime window, go to Full Screen. If you ever want to expand the FaceTime window during a call, click on the maximize button. When you’re finished using the FaceTime app, tap this button to minimize the window. You may also minimize it by tapping it once more.

On a Mac, open the FaceTime program and go to the Video tab. In this area, you can mute or unmute your video call by clicking the microphone button.

On/Off Video- To turn off or on video during a call, click the video symbol.

You can also use the control center’s three dots button to enable/disable grid layout. Click on the three dots option from the control center to make all people in a FaceTime call appear in the grid. To enable/disable the grid view, go to the left-hand menu and select Preference > Appearance. Then, under Grid Layout, choose whether or not to enable it. To return to the Facetime conversation, tap Cancel.

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On a Windows PC, add the Google Chrome FaceTime Bookmark.

If you want to be able to FaceTime your pals or coworkers on a regular basis, I recommend adding a Google Chrome bookmark so you don’t have to go through the process each time. You’ll never have to dig through emails or discussion threads again after you use this method. You won’t have to start from scratch with a new meeting link every time. You can begin a meeting with the FaceTime bookmark at your disposal in a few clicks.

I’m not sure how long a FaceTime meeting link is valid, but I can confirm that it remains active for many days. While testing the option, I was able to utilize a two-week-old FaceTime connection with my pals on Android. So, it’s a good idea to save the FaceTime link for later.

To do so, click the star symbol in the upper right corner of the address bar in Chrome after opening the FaceTime link. Then, choose Bookmark > Add bookmark.

Now, make the bookmark to your liking. I propose renaming it to FaceTime so that you can get to it at all times.

On the Chrome homepage, add a FaceTime meeting link as a shortcut.

You may add a FaceTime meeting link as a shortcut to the Chrome homepage to quickly access it. If you’re a long-time Chrome user, you already know how simple it is to switch. Even if you have already installed the update, follow these steps.

Click the Add Shortcut button on the Google Chrome homepage.

Now, give your shortcut a name and paste the FaceTime link URL that your friend has provided you. To finish up, click Done.

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How to Use FaceTime on Windows Like a Pro

That’s pretty much it! While you can’t access all of the FaceTime features on Windows yet, it’s simpler than ever to keep in touch with friends using Apple devices. So, there’s finally some good news. As a result of Apple’s recent attentiveness to extending its reach beyond its personal wall, we may anticipate a more potent version of FaceTime for Windows shortly. Then I’m going to cross my fingers and hope for the best.

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